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Posted: May 16, 2019 | By: Lisa E

I have been using Heritage Makers for over 15 years. I love Heritage Makers for many reasons. Heritage Makers helps me stay on top of my photos, strengthen family relationships, and celebrate beautiful memories.














In my last blog post I talked about how it helps me stay on top of my photos. I talked about how each Sunday I ask myself if I have any photos I need to upload to my Heritage Makers account. If I do I quickly upload them. It is a way for me to stay organized and a way to back up my precious photos. The best and most important part of uploading photos frequently to my Heritage Makers account is that it gives me access to my favorite photos to CREATE with them.










Call me strange but I enjoy logging into my Heritage Makers site to create a gift or project and I have NO idea what I’m going to make.

I let my photos tell me what to make.

It might sound silly but seriously, I invite you to try it!

Here’s how I do it: first, I scroll through photos that I have uploaded to Heritage Makers and let all the good feelings course through me. You will enjoy revisiting all your favorite photos throughout the years and the old photos you scanned in (as discussed on my last blog post).

Photos bring feelings of joy and happiness. There is scientific proof to back me up on this statement.

Then when I see a photo that stands out to me like this one of my boys I think, “I need to create something with this!”










Then I envision my home and think if there is a place I want to display the photo or I think, “Is there a gift or card I could make with the image for someone?”

I think, “What words would go with this photo or should I just leave it the way it is?”

Here are some previous photos that I created something special with.




























It feels so good to free these special images from digital ‘bondage’! 😂 Further, giving these as gifts has been the most meaningful experience of my life.

















If you are a part of our growing team of HM distributors you have a special mission. It is your job to share what we have with the world. It’s not your average photo company. We have heart and we truly love to celebrate what matters most.

The best way to approach people is by believing that you can help solve a problem that they have and be very clear on what that problem is. Then, help people solve that problem.

Problem: We are not printing photos anymore

Solution: Heritage Makers Club!!

Join the club and for your $50 investment each month you will get 50 QV (if you are a YGY distributor) and $60 of publishing power (Publishing Points) in Heritage Makers or Snap2Finish. You will also get lots of photo storage and access to thousands of digital art pieces and pre-designed templates!

Club assists us in preserving photos but most importantly in the printing and creating with your photos.

Further, Heritage Makers Club is like a gift savings plan. You will accumulate 60 Publishing Points each month and when you need an incredible gift or to make a large canvas for your home, you will have points waiting in your account for you to use. I print several cards a month that Heritage Makers sends out for me with our “mail for me” option.

Call it a memory lay away plan! An investment in something that will help you create gifts that will not only be special to you but will outlive you because they will be treasured by your loved ones for generations. A gift to yourself and all your loved ones.

Heritage Makers makes us intentional about our heritage. It reminds us of our past joyful memories and by doing that it inspires our future generation.

What could be better than that?

-Candi May, Brand Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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