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All Scrap Pages and Post-bound Albums are on sale for 10% off during the month of March! Heritage Makers is a digital scrapbooker’s dream! Personalizing our templates or designing scrapbook layouts and albums from scratch bring so many possibilities for your memory keeping. To commemorate and celebrate these savings, I wanted to take the time to also remind us all of the many versatile possibilities that can be simply created using these quality pages!

  • Celebrating Festivities
  • Everyday Projects and Needs
  • Decor


Celebrating holidays, seasons, and special occasions bring joy into our everyday routines. Whatever the reason for celebrating, each has a personal reason as to why we take the time to recognize those days. Why not personalize those special days with one-of-a-kind projects? We have SO many wonderful templates ready to be personalized and used for any of your festivity needs. Banners, cupcake wrappers and toppers, treat toppers, decor, and more!  Here are just a few from the Template Gallery that give you a sense for the different possibilities. What upcoming festivities do you have that you can add these perfect, personalized touches to?

  • Easter — How fun to create Easter egg cut outs with your own photos! You can use these for an Easter egg scavenger hunt, color-coded or individually photo-coded. Use them for to decorate with around your home, make a banner, or even stick and share on an Easter treat! Happy Easter Eggs by Anna Gehmlich Bates (123927)

Heritage Makers Happy Easter Egg Scrap Page

Add these adorable treat toppers to a plastic baggie full of treats for gift giving! Cut, fold, and staple over the top of the bags! Happy Easter Treat Toppers by Anna Gehmlich Bates (123928)

Heritage Makers Happy Easter Treat Topper


  • Birthdays — Birthday banners have been a tradition for years upon years and continue to be a trendy addition to any festivity. Creating your birthday banners in Heritage Makers brings the freedom to create the one you really want at your next party. Whether there’s a theme or a color you’re going for, you can customize them completely in Studio. Personally, I’ve create several banners by starting from a template and changing the themes and colors completely to match my party needs. Add another scrap page or two filled with banner flags or squares to add a name, or longer phrases. The ways to customize these to your needs are truly endless. There are also several templates that are good to print as is, for general holidays or popular birthday themes. Snowflake Birthday Banner by Kari Pieratt (124312) works perfectly for a Disney’s Frozen themed birthday! Print them with UV coating and use them again and again! Heaven knows your friends and neighbors will want to borrow them for their own festivities!


Heritage Makers Snowflake Birthday Banner


Birthday Balloons Banner by Brooke Mehr (123748) is such a versatile design to use. With the multi-colored lettering, you can use this for birthdays year round, regardless of themes or colors. If desired, you can change the colors inside of Studio to match your specific party colors.


Heritage Makers Birthday Balloons Banner


  • Sports Banquets and Parties —  Spring brings with it the start of many end-of-season banquets. Add these adorable cupcake wrappers and toppers to your treats for the party and be the hit of it all!  Football Game Day Cupcake Wraps by Roxanne Buchholz (134949) are perfectly set up for adding team pictures to individual cupcake wrappers. How fun for each team member to have their own personalized cupcake! You can change the colors of the wrappers or embellishments to match the team colors, add the team name, numbers, nicknames, and more.


Heritage Makers Football Game Day Cupcake Template


Go Team Baseball by Roxanne Buchholz (135361) is another fabulous cupcake template to use for your sports teams, or a sports-themed party. These make each kid feel extra special on their big days!
Heritage Makers Go Team Cupcake Template


  • Patriotic Holidays and Celebrations — Show your patriot spirit with these charming Cookie Pocket templates! Simply cut out each 6 inch square, score and fold down the center, and adhere sides to form a pocket that will hold 1 large cookie or other treats. Customize them to be used not only for Independence Day and Canada Day, but can also personalize them in Studio and use for any patriot-themed holiday (Memorial Day is right around the corner!) or celebrating a loved-one’s military or government service. Patriotic Cookie Pockets – USA by Brooke Mehr (135217)


Heritage Makers Fourth July Patriotic Cookie Pockets

Patriotic Cookie Pockets – Canada (135216)

Heritage Makers Canada Day Patriotic Cookie Pockets


Heritage Makers Scrap Pages can be used for everyday/around the home needs and personal touches so easily! The quality and ease of the product and templates make home projects reliable and enjoyable to create. These kids projects are quick to create, as you can print as is and add to your home collection.  As always, they can each be customized to fit your own needs or child’s interests. You can even change the themes completely, to be not so ‘kid-related’. For example, this adorable template is ready to add to your cart as-is for DIY Puzzles! Animal Tongue Depressor Puzzles by Stacy Croninger (142325). Cut these cute animals into one-inch strips and glue to tongue depressors for a fun puzzle. You can even swap out these animal images for your own photos for an additional variety of puzzles for little ones in your life.


Heritage Makers Animal Tongue Depressor Puzzles Scrap Page


Growth Chart by Amy Crane (112378) is another fun Scrap Page project that’s fantastic to customize for a fun addition to your home. The template comes with 4 scrap pages that make up the full growth chart measurements.  I love the colors and animals in this design! They make the chart both gender neutral and fun for kids of all ages! You could also add photos of kids, or even text boxes,  along the chart for comparison of how tall ‘Tommy’ or ‘Daddy’ was at a certain date.



Heritage Makers Growth Chart Scrap Page


First day of school signs have been a trendy tradition to celebrate the big first day. Brooke Mehr made a set of these scrap pages so you can select, customize, and print the school year/age you need. Below is the First Day – Preschool (136608). How adorable is the chalkboard look for these? These are so fun to order for the little ones in your life. You can even make a first day of college version for your not-so-little-ones! As the scrap pages are great quality and no-hassle, they are also great to share with friends and teachers for classroom needs!


Heritage Makers First Day Preschool Scrap Page


Home decor is an always changing thing in my house. One way that I love to mix up my accent pieces in my home is to change out scrap pages and prints. The template gallery is full of so many choices of pages that are ready to print as is, or easily customized. They look great framed, or even attached to a magnet or bulletin board. What a Difference by Roxanne Buchholz (103977) is beautiful template that is simple in design and full of meaning.


Heritage Makers What A Difference Scrap Page


Our Life Planner Page by Brooke Mehr (143114) is part of a full template line that allows you to plan your to-do’s for your busy daily routine. Order with the UV Coating upgrade, then use erasable dry-erase marker to add to your lists each week.


Heritage Makers Our Life Planner


Make your weekly meal planning an actual part of your kitchen decor with one of our adorable dinner menu templates! So many stores sell stands for phones and tablets, cooking books, etc to put on your kitchen counter. This template is a perfect addition to display on a similar stand, easel, or in your command center. Floral Dinner Menu by Brittany Hutchings (141677)


Heritage Makers Floral Dinner Menu


Take advantage of the 10% extra savings on these spectacular scrap pages and order yours this month! The possibilities await you! Happy creating!

-Lisa E.


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