Good News! Healthy Trends for the Supplement Market

Posted: November 6, 2022 | By: Stacy Croninger

Covid-19. Tired of hearing about it yet?

It’s been a pretty regular topic in the news the last several years. And while we’d be thrilled to not hear about it ever again—one of the ripple effects was that it boosted an awareness of the importance of health across the globe. Granted, so many of us who are already a part of Youngevity Nation already knew that good health, and protecting your good health, should be top priority for all of us. But in the last few years, that principle has made its way to the main stage. As a natural result, the health supplements market did get a boost from the pandemic, with the entire world focused on their health. That demand for health supplements continues to rise, and that’s good news for a company who has had health and nutrition at its forefront for over 25 years.

Let’s look a little closer at this good news trend.

Health Urgency, Not Complacency
Two new consumer trend reports show people increasingly choosing proper nutrition and dietary supplements to live their healthiest lives. Now that’s good news! The ADM (Chicago) report, “The Dietary Supplement Consumer of Tomorrow,” offers revealing data that illustrates this trend:

  • – The total supplement market revenue was $77B in 2020. That’s billion with a “B”.
  • – 79% of U.S. consumers say taking supplements is essential to their overall health.
  • – 49% of all health supplement users say they’re willing to increase spending on nutritional supplements.

In more good news, the latest FrieslandCampina Ingredients report (“Nutritional Food: Shaping the Future of Nutrition 2022”) also provides critical insights on the uptick in health supplement usage. For example, the report found that 60% of consumers say enhancing their health is the most important focus in their lives, with sleep, mood, and physical fitness topping their list of priorities. This is music to our ears, since we’ve been promoting the correlation between sleep, mood, movement and improved health through our Better Health Challenge for years.


The Desire for Supplements is Solid
Consumers view dietary supplements as vital to their daily health regimen. For instance, 60% worldwide say improving their health and wellness over the next year is a top priority. This is a favorable trend for companies like Youngevity, who have invested untold resources in wellness education.

Because of that education, consumers are also wiser about supplements, focusing more intently on personalized solutions instead of searching for random data and general information. This is good (even great) news for Youngevity, as we offer a free health quiz to get a tailored product recommendation to support your health goals. That said, true health begins when we give our body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

But, so many of our diets lack the basic nutritional needs to survive; much less thrive. So, as important as personalized health is, there must be a foundational level of nutrition within all of us. That’s where the concept of 90 For Life comes into play.

90 for live video

The Final Say on Good News in Supplements

These interesting details about supplements and consumer desire for better health may seem like news to some companies, but it’s been a bedrock of Youngevity since our inception—so it’s probably reasonable that others caught up to what we’ve always known.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying supplements in support of good health, well, you’ve found your wellness home in Youngevity. Years of research from Dr. Joel Wallach has produced a legacy of health nutrition and product innovation. So, if you’re ready to start your journey to better health, there’s no better time than right now. Check out our 90 For Life program to find out why “the 90” continues to be the foundational product line that our fans rave about.

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