Live a Pineapple Life: Stand Tall, Be Sweet on the inside, Wear a Crown

Posted: April 19, 2019 | By: Lisa E

I thought this Heritage Makers Basic Collection, GOLDEN FRUIT, was really cute and had possibilities for so many projects: summer pages, travel, girl time, vacations. This collection is bright and FUN and I know you’ll love it too!

Remember, our Basic Collections are absolutely FREE to use! This collection is packed with so much content (embellishments, ABC / 123, papers, stickers). Here’s a closer look.

Plus, you can preview Heritage Makers artwork collections, like these collections released last June. And new collections are released every month!

One of the first projects I thought of when I saw this new collection was our MUGS. I see inspirational mugs everywhere and always think – I could make that! I love that Youngevity offers so many brands for me to #SwapWhereYouShop and one of my favorite digital projects to create for our family and for gifts is a personalized mug. You can create these with photos, but also artwork and inspirational quotes. This appeals to my creative side, but there are lots of pre-designed projects in our Template Gallery including this project: Adjust Your Crown. I’ve had fun creating lots of different art and inspirational mugs which you can read about here.

If you aren’t a coffee or tea drinker, consider making something like this to gift a friend that needs a little pick me up. You could fill it with chocolates or fresh flowers, the perfect reusable vase! That would be sure to brighten anyone’s day!

In order for the text boxes to POP a little on my project I added a white drop shadow so the text wouldn’t compete with the background paper as much. Did you know you can change the default drop shadow color from the default black to any color? You can even custom match the shadow color to your project; like I did with the light yellow shadow under the words “pineapple” and “sweet.”

This is easy to do under the EFFECTS tab on the Tool Box while working within your project.

Have fun celebrating those you love with our Heritage Makers digital artwork! We have something for everyone!

-Helen Watt, Snap2Finish Brand Champion

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