Nutrition for a Healthy Garden in 4 Steps

Posted: July 11, 2017 | By: Rocio Ramos

Now that summer is officially here and you’re working hard to maintain (or achieve) optimal health, it’s also that great time of the year to keep your garden in tip top shape –especially since it’s now in full bloom.  You spent a lot of time and effort in planting your garden, but the upkeep of your healthy garden during the summer months is just as, if not more, important than your original planting.

Here are the top 4 ways to nurture a healthy garden in the summer:

  1. Make sure your plants are getting enough water.

As you hear the call for you to ‘hydrate, hydrate, hydrate’ during the summer months – it’s also true of your garden. Each plant you have in your garden may require more or less water than others. Know what your plants require before watering. Also, it is good to water your plants early in the day when it is cool, or even in the afternoon, but allow your plants enough time to dry off before sunset to reduce the risk of fungia, such as mildew, attacking your plants. Plants and crops like roses, melons, pumpkins, cucumber, and zucchini are especially susceptible to mildew.

  1. Shade your plants properly.

Similar to different amounts of water, plants require different amounts of shade. Some plants love to soak up the sunshine so you want to make sure you are placing those plants in areas that get direct sunlight in order for them to flourish. For shade loving plants, place these plants in heavily shaded areas, like near a porch or by the house. You can even place shade loving plants under the foliage of trees or bushes around your yard or garden.

  1. Keep a lookout for pests that love to munch on the plants in your garden.

Pests such as rodents and insects can be a major problem around your garden! Each climate can have different pests to worry about. In warm moist climates, termites can be particularly invasive of your garden. Deer love to eat the leaves of your perennials. Even outdoor pets can damage your garden! Take the necessary steps to ward off those pesky insects and animals in order to keep your garden lush!

  1. Keep potted plants cool to avoid overheating.

Potted plants can be susceptible to overheating, damaging their delicate leaves. To prevent this, place potted plants out of direct sunlight. To keep the roots cool, place these plants in saucers full of moist sand. Remember that over watering soil increases the risk of mildew, as well as mosquito breeding. The sand can stay moist, cooling the roots of your potted plants, without putting your delicate plants at risk or creating a mosquito hatchery.

Taking good care of your garden this summer is essential to maintaining a lush, fruitful garden. With a little hard work and some TLC, your garden will be beautiful, bountiful and looking great throughout the hot summer season!

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