Pea and Spinach Soup

Posted: May 12, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Pea and Spinach Soup

Featuring Cuban Mojo Rub and Saveur salts


2 cups frozen peas
3 cups baby spinach
1 brown or yellow onion, peeled and diced
2 tsp Cuban Mojo Rub
Pinch Saveur salt of choice
1 tbsp butter
Choice of 3/4 cup stock or cream
Optional 1 brussels sprout sliced thinly and fried
drizzle of Spiced Fig, Maple & Pear Balsamic Vinegar


Melt butter in pan. Add onion, peas, and Cuban Mojo Rub. Cook until onion becomes transparent. Add spinach and cream or stock; season to taste with Saveur salt of choice.

Blitz and serve with finely chopped brussels sprouts and drizzle of Spiced Fig Maple & Pear Balsamic Vinegar.

Quick, tasty & packed full of goodness.

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