[RECAP] New Year’s Eve Kickoff on Facebook LIVE – What’s new in 2019!

Posted: December 31, 2018 | By: Brian Posalski

There were so many great announcements on this morning’s Facebook LIVE, we just HAD to put them all in one place!  Enjoy 🙂


[NEW] Interactive Health Assessment

Youngevity’s personalized interactive health assessment is now available! This dynamic tool was created to help newbie customers who ask, “OK, I understand the importance of 90 for life, but…where do I start?”  We’re hoping you can now tell them: “Right here!” This assessment puts participants in the driver’s seat, taking them through a series of questions that help self-evaluate their health. Based on their answers, it recommends the best Health Body Start Pak and targeted nutrition to support their health goals. You can get started any time at youngevityhealthquiz.com. And Distributors can link to their replicated version of the assessment through the YoungevityGo2App.


  • Unique way to introduce new people to Youngevity, the 90 for Life philosophy, and our best-selling products
  • Simple method for recommending Healthy Body Start Paks and other targeted nutrition products to new customers
  • Doc Wallach reviewed and approved this as the evolution to his original Nutrition Questionnaire
  • Question-answer rating system with engaging tips to educate users along the way
  • It’s FAST! It’s built on a technology platform called React-dot-JS (React.js), which allows users to get through each screen quickly and get their recommendations faster
  • Personalized results that offer specific nutritional product recommendations, based upon users’ self-assessment


Better Health Now is Better in 2019
The Better Health Challenge was originally created to share nutrition-based weight loss programs that take a measured approach to health and fitness. Last year, we saw such tremendous use of the program and successful outcomes that we’re taking it to the next level! We’ve expanded our reach so more people can benefit from these proven strategies and take charge of their health. . .or simply grow their Customer base. This year, the Better Health Challenge is bigger and better—all in an effort to help more people!

Here’s just some of what’s new for 2019:

  • More ways to participate – You can join as an individual or as a team—and compete for some pretty sweet prizes, including a trip to San Diego, a photoshoot, cash awards, and more! The Team Division gives you the camaraderie and support of participating in a . . and if you’ve already hit your weight loss goals, you’d be a perfect team captain!
  • Encouragers get rewarded to – you can earn product credit when people join the challenge under your name and buy a kit!
  • A revamped website – easier to navigate, learn about each program, and find new recipes! Go to ygybetterhealth.com.
  • Shareable marketing material – we’ve created sell sheets, social squares, and an updated program brochure that you can share with everyone. Visit youngevityrc.com or your Go2App.
  • Weekly FB live events featuring guests – we know everyone loves Coach Sanjeev, but this year his weekly Better Health Challenge events will feature guests that focus on one of four key areas: Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition, and our Program. We’ve got really great guests lined up that will have important information to share—don’t miss out!
  • Alexa Flash Briefings – Five days a week we’ll bring you a Better Health Challenge flash briefing. These are daily motivational quotes and tips to support everyone on the Better Health Challenge—brought to you by Coach Jeevers. Just ask Alexa to play your daily briefing and you’ll get a helpful tip for the day. Simply add Youngevity Better Health Challenge to your Alexa app. (Note: Alexa Flash Briefings are available nowDetails Here:  https://www.amazon.com/b?node=17934677011)
  • Engaging social media platforms – Our new Facebook and Instagram pages offer something new to keep you motivated all the time! We’ve got contests, workout videos, motivation, inspiration, and recipes! Everything you need to keep you on track.


Youngevity.com Updates

There were three key improvements requested by Leaders we tackled as quick wins. And we’ll continue improving Youngevity.com to bring you the best possible user experience in 2019. Looks for these important updates starting January 1.

New or upgraded features:

  • Easy way to shop from the Dashboard – we added a convenient shopping page you’re going to love!
  • Easy way to Enroll new Distributors from the Dashboard –  new “Enroll” button takes Distributors to their replicated website to start the enrollment process.
  • Preferred Customer Signup – we added an updated Preferred Customer (PC) signup process in 3 easy steps. From there, the new PC can instantly start shopping at wholesale pricing.


YoungevityRC.com Home Page Redesign

We want to make sure that the Youngevity Resource Center is the place you can find everything you need to support your business and community. We’re making it easier to navigate, easier to locate marketing materials, and easier to establish a strong presence for all of our brands. Updates will go live on January 1 at youngevityrc.com.

 New/Interesting features:

  • Redesigned home page which pulls in news, blogs, and events for quick access.
  • A new page that categorizes brands by vertical. In addition, a link to the brand website or a link to shop from the brand listing page, plus the ability to display brand ambassador contact info (name, email, and phone).
  • The brand page pulls in relevant blogs, events, PPTs, and video files that are tagged with the brand name.


 HempFXTM SootheTM Sampling Program through the YoungevityGo2 App 

Great news! HempFX Soothe is the first sampling program on the YoungevityGo2 app. Now’s the time to introduce this product line to your network. With natural relief for muscles and joints,  HempFX Soothe will motivate your team, attract new prospects, and increase Customer sales. Our sampling program launches in early January 2019 within the YoungevityGo2 app. Be sure to take advantage of this terrific business-building tool!

Happy New Year to everyone!  2019 is going to be amazing!

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