Rise & Shine Virtual Event Recap

Posted: April 26, 2021 | By: Rocio Ramos

Our Rise & Shine Virtual Event was filled with entertainment, training, and recognition! We shined light on those who have transformed their health and business and challenged you to keep taking your business and health to the next level. With new products on the horizon, upcoming promotions, and tips from experts in the field, our Rise & Shine event inspired us all to keep moving forward.  

Better Health Challenge Q1 Semifinalist Announced  

To kick things off, Sanjeev announces our newest semifinalist for the Better Health Challenge who will be in the running for the Grand Champion Prize this year!  

Newest Semifinalist: 

  • Becky Franklin 
  • Megan Crowe 
  • Doreen Trammell  
  • Team Powerful 40 and Beyond  

To learn more and register for the Better Health Challenge visit ygybetterhealth.com.  


We started the new year with an incredible promotion that many used to build their business. As we welcome the spring season, we want to congratulate all of those who are rising to new opportunities.  At the Rise & Shine Event, we recognized new ranks from 4 Stars to Senior Associates!

View New Ranks!

Henry Weinacker Gives Social Media Training  

Almost every business is now using Social Media to connect with customers and build their brand. Find out how you can use Social Media to reach your audience and grow your business from expert Henry Weinacker.

Watch the Training.

Download the Presentation.

New Product Launches & What’s to Come!  

CEO Steve Wallach announces the exciting products on the horizon including gummies for many of Youngevity’s favorite products. And now available for pre-order, Muscadine Grape Seed Oil & Capsules 

  • Muscadine Grapes contain an extra chromosome that helps protect the fruit and seed 
  • Rich in omega chain fatty acids  
  • Higher in polyphenolic antioxidants than any other grape 
  • May be added to favorite food or drinks  
  • Free from artificial colors, additives, and preservatives  
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, and Non-GMO 

Pre-Sale for Grape Seed Oil & Grape Seed Oil Sof-Gel is now available 

Sales Training from Sean Brown  

 VP of Sales Sean Brown offers tips to anyone new in the business on how to Win at Youngevity! Follow his steps for success and be the next person to be recognized.  

Download the Sales Presentation. 

Sanjeev Offers Tips on How to Maximize Your Day   

We started the year by focusing on our health and wellness goals. Sanjeev offers ways to boost your day and  revamp your health goals by looking at your daily activities. Check out his tips and follow the downloadable PDF. 

Download the PDF to help Maximize Your Health.

There so was so much more including Gameshows, Product Spotlights, Distributor Spotlights, and more! To re-watch the full event, visit youngevity.com/event.




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