Stay Active & Live Longer

Posted: May 11, 2023 | By: Rocio Ramos

It’s no secret that regular exercise comes with a long list of benefits. From physical to mental, physical activity supports your health in many ways. Now, research is finding that exercise may also be your greatest contributor to living a long, healthy life. The longer we can stay physically active, the longer we can live!

 Exercise and Longevity: what the research shows

The benefits of physical activity have been documented for decades. While many of us know that exercise helps us stay healthy, we may not truly grasp that exercise also helps us live longer. As we age, we become more vulnerable to diseases, especially if we don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, studies have found that physical activity helps supports cardiovascular health, lung health, bones and joints, and so much more even as you age. There is evidence that regular exercise helps delay the onset of 40 chronic diseases; making exercise one of the simplest forms of prevention.

How exercise helps you live longer

Since regular exercise benefits many aspects of your health, your body can continue to function at optimal levels longer. Regular exercise helps build muscle, supports mobility, supports your cognitive health, keeps your cardiovascular health in tip top shape, and even supports a health immune system. Additionally, research has shown that physical activity is also associated with longer telomere lengths – known as the biological clocks of your cells. While telomere length decreases as we age, exercise seems to help slow the process.

How much exercise do you need?

The truth is you don’t really need a lot of exercise to experience the health benefits. While there are those who spend hours at the gym, you don’t need to be an elite athlete or gym rat to live longer. All you need is 30 minutes of exercise a day at least 5 times a week. That means you can do a 15 minute jog to start your day then do a 15 minute weight training session in the afternoon. We all have the ability to incorporate more physical activity to our days.

Make it a part of your lifestyle

Over the last few decades, we’ve learned that a sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk for many health problems. So, staying mobile and active helps keep you from becoming sedentary; helping you live longer. As we mentioned, you can spread your physical activity throughout your day. If you’re a highly motivated morning person, then get your workouts done first thing in the morning. If you don’t like working out alone, then join a group fitness class. Make exercise a priority in your everyday life.

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