Superia Books, Superior Quality

Posted: July 9, 2018 | By: Lisa E

This weekend we said a teary goodbye to our son Jacob, his wife and four kids as they returned to their missionary responsibilities in Brazil. Jacob is a pilot with Wycliffe Bible Translators – he flies small planes into the Amazon jungle bringing Bibles, Translators, supplies, etc. to remote villages.

Every four years they are able to come back home to the United States for 9 – 12 months to fulfill a variety of responsibilities including visiting family, friends and supporters. During their year here, my daughter-in-law Gina did a fabulous job of creating two digital photo albums of all their adventures using the Superia option in Snap2Finish.


When those books arrived, I was nearly speechless. The quality of the digital albums was like nothing I have ever seen. Because the Superia book is printed with a process called silver halide, just like the printing of a photograph, the end result is pages of photos that looked sharp, brilliant and colorful. The images just popped off the pages.


I was so impressed, that I have made a commitment to print my next digital books using Snap2Finish’s Superia. I am so pleased that here at Youngevity Photo we offer this unique, high-quality printing option. It really sets us apart from the competition because it is not easy to find Superia printing. And, as a Distributor the price we pay is very reasonable.

I hope you will consider this option the next time you are ready to create a digital book!

-Rhonda Anderson, Ambassador for Our Memories for Life

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