Wind Down with these Relaxing Exercises  

Posted: July 16, 2021 | By: Rocio Ramos

Give your body a break

Movement is essential to living a long, healthy life. However, not every day, or even week, needs to include strenuous exercise. Sometimes our bodies can get rundown and need a break from our normal workout routine – sometimes you need to relax. And there are many exercises that help rejuvenate your mind and body.

Sunrise or Sunset Walk 

A walk is always a great way to clear your mind and give your body the daily movement it needs.  Now, add a sunrise or sunset, and you’ll take your walk to the next level. A sunrise allows you to begin your day with a new outlook and clear mind. A sunset helps you end your day and put a colorful seal on the day.

Yoga Flow  

Yoga has traditionally been known to support your body’s central nervous system. It uses breathwork, postures, and body flow to support many aspects of health. There are a variety of yoga practices, such as restorative yoga, which can be a great way to help your body relax. You can help renew your energy and mind with a relaxing yoga flow.  

Take a Dip

Immersing yourself in a warm bath is a traditional way to help your body relax. Likewise, adding a little bit of movement and dipping in a pool or large body of water can also be relaxing. Some research has found that swimming can trigger the central nervous system, which is responsible for rest and relaxation. It’s a low impact, therapeutic movement that is often recommended for anyone recovering from an injury.

When you’re ready to get back on your normal schedule, check out our YGY Better Health Challenge Facebook page. There you will find workout routines every Wednesday to keep your body moving. Until then, wind down and enjoy these relaxing exercises.

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