YGYI Targets May 2019 Launch for CBD Coffee

HempFX™ Brand Will Target Direct Selling Distribution Javalution Coffee Brand Will Target Retail Distribution

Youngevity International, Inc. announced the planned launch of coffee infused with CBD. YGYI had been working on a CBD coffee with the launch of its HempFX™ line of full-spectrum CBD products with ambition of being able to provide specific dosing via a K-Cup or single-serve delivery system.  The company’s very recent acquisition of Khrysos Industries, and the validation capabilities of its newly acquired INX Labs, helped significantly accelerate the process. YGYI intends to launch two brands taking advantage of its broad distribution capabilities. The HempFX Brand of CBD-infused coffee is expected to begin pre-sales in early May through Youngevity International’s sizeable sales network with full-scale distribution taking place later in the month. YGYI’s wholly-owned subsidiary, CLR Roasters, has already begun retail sales presentations of its Javalution brand of CBD-infused coffee and also anticipates an end-of-May shipping timeframe to retail store shelves.

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