Building a Movement at NASDAQ Fit Week

Posted: January 27, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

NASDAQ Kicks Off Better Health

We are all on an unceasing journey towards better health. And at Youngevity, that journey is our top priority. We want to spearhead the health movement and motivate others to change their lives and create lasing lifestyle habits. This year, we kicked off 2020 with B.A.M. (Build a Movement), and it all started in NYC for NASDAQ’s Fit Week!

Our B.A.M. promo allowed Youngevity distributors to earn a trip to NYC and help us ring the closing bell at NASDAQ. This trip not only helped us promote the Better Health Challenge, but it was an opportunity for everyone to share their goals and journey while taking in this incredible experience.

Pre Bell Ringing Gathering

Before the bell ringing, we brought everyone together for a tasty Italian lunch at Sarafina. Our Better Health Challenge Grand Champions caught up, while everyone socialized and enjoyed a pre bell ringing lunch.

Youngevity President, Dave Briskie, and CEO, Steve Wallach shared the incredible journey and growth of Youngevity. Being invited to NASDAQ for a second time was a great opportunity for Youngevity and they  helped prepare everyone for the Closing Bell ceremony.


Closing Bell at NASDAQ

With CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and BNN watching, Steve & Michelle Wallach, and Dave and Sunshine Briskie lead the closing bell ceremony. Youngevity distributors, celebrity ambassadors, and invited guests cheered on by their side.

You can view more NASDAQ closing bell photos at 

Get Ready for Q1 of the Better Health Challenge

With an exciting new year coming up, we’re making the BHC bigger than ever this year! Make sure you register and share the challenge with everyone. For the first quarter of 2020 only, our top 4 Individual Semi-Finalists and members of our top Team Semi-Finalist will earn $1000 each, in addition to our other great prizes! They’ll also be in the running for the Grand Champion prizes, announced at Convention 2020 this fall.

Visit to learn more.

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