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Note: This is a condensed version of the E-Book which is available in its entirety in the link below. 

Heart Disease – A Global Issue

The data is staggering. Around the world, 1 of 3 persons is DYING, every 40 seconds of a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, a disease of the arteries or some other definition of cardiovascular disease or ‘heart’ disease. In the USA alone we have 100 million people being impacted by heart disease.

When we think of our heart, we think of the big muscle in our chest that pumps blood into our body and lungs. One side of the heart brings oxygen in, the other side pushes it out to circulate into our lungs, brains and organs to keep us thriving and living.  But this muscle is only 1 part of heart health.

Vascular- The key to Good Heart Health

Cardio and Vascular are two parts of heart health or ‘cardiovascular health.’

What most people don’t know is that the arteries and veins are comprised of “endothelium” cells that are the cornerstone of health in our bodies, as they impact our heart, kidney, brain, and other organs.  The endothelium is the single layer that stands between your blood and every tissue, organ, muscle, and system in the body.  It controls how much, what, and the pace at which nutrients get from the blood into every system in the body.

The area they cover is huge, close to 9 tennis courts if laid out and consists of over 2 trillion cells.  This layer is actually called an organ and is one of the largest organs of the body.  When you think of your veins and arteries think of them as tubes, just like the water hose outside your house.  The layer on the outside is connective tissue, it holds everything together the very inside is smooth muscle, because the “hose” needs to contract and relax, and the very inside the “coating” inside the hose is the endothelium, made up of  trillions of cells all linked together.   Endothelial cells line every area in the body that comes into contact with blood, it is present in the thickest of arteries to the thinnest of capillaries.

Plaque & Toxins

Our busy lives, stress, pollution and our diet can all take a toll our on veins and arteries, leading to plaque or ‘clogged’ arteries – a key contributor of disease.

Plaque is a key reason our endothelium or vascular system becomes ‘clogged,’ inflamed, and does not working properly. We breathe in and breathe out toxins. Our poor diets may put stress on our bodies and cause inflammation in the cells of our body, including our veins and arteries.

We hear all the time how to eat or exercise for a healthy heart – but what do we do in order to have healthy arteries and veins? How can we keep this system of ‘hoses’ soft, flexible and pliant?

Nutrition can help. Some nutrients in foods have been shown to help protect and defend the flexibility of this amazing, intricate system that supports more than heart health. It is total body health.  It is crucial that we learn that it is more than “heart” it is “vascular” health that is key.

You can read and download expanded version of Dr. Dwight Lundell & Sanjeev Javia’s E-Book below.

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