June Kickoff: Step Into Possibilities

Posted: June 1, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

Embrace New Opportunities

Summer is on the horizon and as the world continues to change, we’re ready to change with it! Let’s get ready to embrace new opportunities in June. Let’s Step In To Possibilities with new products, new promotions and so much more!

New Products Just Launched

Ultimate Iodine™ – This targeted vegan supplement provides a powerful dose of iodine, along with other crucial vitamins and minerals, to support a healthy thyroid and promote your overall health.

Zinc + Immune Support – Combines zinc plus additional immune-boosting nutrients to help immediately protect your body from cold and flu, boosting your immune system.

Hand Disinfectant – Instantly cleans, disinfects, and protects your hands when no soap or water are available.

Hand Disinfectant – Essential Oil Bundle – Includes Youngevity Hand Disinfectant in an 8 oz and 2 oz bottle plus, Youngevity Deep Cleanser™ Essential Oil Blend that helps disinfects the air in your home, your laundry, and more!

Double Reward Points Products

This month, we’re featuring products to support men’s health and help you celebrate new grads and dads. From spices to create tasty dishes to products men love, Michelle and Sanjeev share benefits of each of these products.

XeraTest™: XeraTest is an all-natural high-quality vitamin mineral and testosterone-supporting botanical supplement that provides hormonal support for men in an extended release tablet.

Prostat™: Formulated especially for men PROSTAT helps the body improve urine flow naturally. PROSTAT supports vitality and endurance and helps the body achieve and maintain a normal and healthy prostate.

Good Herbs™ Male Hormonal Support: Contains a proprietary herbal blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that help maintain healthy male hormonal levels including testosterone and DHEA helping to promote a healthy sex drive in addition to promoting healthy mental function and memory.

On-The-Go Ultimate Cardio™: On-The-Go Ultimate Cardio provides you with an antioxidant-rich supply of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other key nutrients that may help with cardiovascular health and optimal wellness.

Saveur Silver Entertaining Bundle: Artichoke Dip, Pizza Pinwheels, Pulled Pork, and an easy to make Pad Thai are just a few of the delicious recipes featured in this Pack.

Onion Garlic Rub: great for hearty casseroles, added to burgers or used as a rub. Little to no spice.

Chile & Lime Sea Salt Flakes: Use this Asian-inspired delight as an everyday salt or as a seasoning for any dish, meat, vegetable, or seafood. You can also rim your favorite cocktail for some extra zing!

Montreal Steak Rub: Take a trip to Canada with this spice rub. With flavors of dill, rock salt, sweet paprika and a little chili heat. Mild to medium spice.

Mango & Apricot Balsamic Vinegar: Sweet and juicy highlights of ripe mangoes, apricots, and strawberries combine deliciously with this smooth, white wine vinegar.

Mineral Man Shield: With a soothing sensation, it combines a natural set of potent healing ingredients and protectants to use after shaving.

Mineral Man Shave: Our non-lathering shaving lotion stimulates and soothes the skin with all-natural ingredients and a specialized full spectrum mineral complex it creates a slick skin surface for even the toughest shave.

Simple Corp Men’s Bundle: From beard grooming to hair styling, body cleansing, and alluring citrus fragrance, a man can confidently look and smell his best with these salon-quality products.

300 Club Promotion

Quality for the 300 Club this month by enrolling 3 new customers or 3 new distributors with a combined QV of 300 during the month of June. Get all the rules and full details at promotions.youngvity.com.




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