Katherine McCauley Gets Serious About Her Health and it Pays Off!

Posted: December 13, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

It starts with a decision to change

Over a year ago, Katherine McCauley began to make many significant life changes. Although she had been taking some supplements for a while, she was out of shape and overweight. She had been driving back and forth to care for her ailing father, and all the hours on the road and the lack of selfcare had taken a toll; she was taking care of everyone but herself. It was time for something new, something radical. She moved to Nashville, started rebuilding her life, and decided to get serious about her health and wellness journey.

Going cold turkey

Katherine decided it was time to become the best version of herself and so she decided to make some dramatic changes to her diet. She went cold turkey. With a shock to her system, she took out all sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and coffee. On top of that, she started doing HIT training at Orange Theory Fitness and the first time she went, “I thought I would die.” Now though? She’s doing that intense workout four times a week.

What has this radical change gotten Katherine? It’s more accurate to say what she’s lost: 47 lbs in about a year. “I feel so good,” she shared. “I had no confidence, and now I’ve found my old self, my former athlete.”

Katherine admits that while it wasn’t easy to make so many dramatic physical changes, the biggest key to success was in her own mind. It was all a mental game for her. She says she was addicted to sugar and realized that she was often mindlessly consuming it. She would often have scrapbooking crops, where bags of sweets and treats were always at hand. But since adopting her clean eating regime, she doesn’t even miss it. She was recently at a wedding and thought she’d enjoy a small piece of cake–but it didn’t even taste good to her and even made her feel ill. “I like this body so much better than the other body. Women in my age group feel like they are stuck with their body, but it’s just not true.”

Life changing benefits

For Katherine, the benefits of her healthy life continue to mount. She didn’t have health insurance when moving to Nashville, so she really needed to stay healthy. She no longer takes the blood pressure medication she had been taking for years and, her cholesterol dropped 48 points in less than a year. Her latest change is learning how to eat out and make good choices. She loves the Youngevity supplements and shared that when you combine that with the food changes and getting up and moving—that’s when you’ll really see the results.

“Know your why,” she shared. “Otherwise you’ll cave to old habits. This is intentional self-care.” When we asked Katherine for a before and after photo that we could share with her story, she corrected us: “Before and Now—I’m not to the after just yet.”

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