What’s in a Roast?

Posted: September 10, 2021 | By: Rocio Ramos

A coffee type for any mood

At a certain point, a coffee drinker may figure out what type of coffee they prefer every time they drink coffee. But many others will choose their coffee type based on their mood, context, or circumstance. For those who are interested in pairing a cup of coffee with their situation, like whether you’re interested in energy first thing in the morning, or just a great tasting cup after a meal, it’s helpful to know a bit about the different types of roast options available to you.  After all, each roast delivers its own unique flavor notes and benefits.

So, let’s jump in!

Light Roast, Big Energy

With little aroma but high amounts of caffeine, a light coffee roast will give you the perfect cup of energy. Light roast means the coffee is roasted the least amount of time, so it isn’t as oily and also keeps most of its acidity. Light roast coffee beans are popular for cold brews.

Medium Roast Gives You Balance

Medium roasted coffee beans are among the most popular in America. This is the coffee you can find in a breakfast blend, house roast, and American roast. This roast type offers more flavor than a light roast with nutty, chocolatey flavor notes. This type of roast can be brewed and enjoyed many ways including in a pour over, automatic drip, espresso and more.

Medium-Dark offers boldness and Flavor

A medium-dark roast will add more flavor and body to your regular cup of coffee. You’ll notice more oils in the beans as they’re roasted at higher temperatures. This type of coffee roast is best enjoyed in espresso or a French press but can also be brewed in a pour over or automatic drip. Common names for this coffee are Viennese, Continental, Light French, or Light Espresso.

Dark Roast for the Coffee Lover

Roasted the longest and the strongest in flavor, dark roast offers an extra bold cup of coffee. While a dark roast cup of coffee has the least amount of caffeine, it also has sweet flavors of sugar brought out by the long roasting process. This type of coffee is enjoyed by many coffee lovers especially Europeans. Dark roast coffees include French, Espresso, Italian, Turkish, and European.

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