The Magic of the Mycelium

July 1, 2024 | Shanon Peckham
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Ancient Origins Mushrooms have been used medicinally for many years by cultures around the world to help treat a variety of conditions. Though we most often associate ancient Chinese medicine with medical mushrooms, many other ancient

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3 Reasons Why You May Love Youngevity Coffee (Plus one BIG BONUS Reason)

September 19, 2022 | Stacy Croninger

Coffee has become more than a morning drink—it’s become a ritual—the go-button for starting the day. That puts a lot of pressure on the coffee you choose. So why choose Youngevity’s coffee?

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Holiday Happiness is HERE

October 3, 2021 | Stacy Croninger
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Nearly everyone agrees that the holidays can be a hectic time. So this year, we were inspired by the idea of Holiday Happiness. What does that mean? Well, for one thing, we at Youngevity believe that

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What’s in a Roast?

September 10, 2021 | Rocio Ramos

A coffee type for any mood At a certain point, a coffee drinker may figure out what type of coffee they prefer every time they drink coffee. But many others will choose their coffee type based

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4 Reasons to Drink MORE Coffee!

March 15, 2021 | Rocio Ramos
NutritionCoffeeYoungevity Be The ChangeHealth & Nutrition

There’s nothing like taking that first sip of a warm cup of coffee early in the morning. Coffee has been a staple for humans since the grind of the first coffee bean. For many, it’s an

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Pumpkin Dishes

5 Pumpkin Dishes to Try This Thanksgiving

November 20, 2020 | Rocio Ramos
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Pumpkin Lover or Not, there’s no escaping pumpkin season There are those who count down the months, weeks, and days until pumpkin season. And then, there are those who can’t wait until the Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Holiday Shopping Made Easy

November 9, 2020 | Stacy Croninger
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Are you a shop early to have it done or wait for inspiration to hit at the last minute person? Either way, you’ll find the Youngevity Holiday Gift Guide an easy way to shop for everyone

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3 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

March 9, 2020 | Rocio Ramos
CoffeeCoffeeYoungevity Be The ChangeYoungevityHealth & Nutrition

Earlybird’s May Be onto Something There’s a belief, that morning people tend to be more successful. Many famous CEOs and Directors have shared their early morning routine which, for many, begins at 4am; Apple CEO Tim

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Tazza Di Vita Sugar Cookies

October 3, 2019 | Stacy Croninger

Enjoy coffee in your cookies, as well as in your mug while munching on these delightful sugar cookies. Tazza Di Vita Sugar Cookies Ingredients: 1 c. butter, softened 1 1/2 c. granulated sugar 2 eggs 2

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