3 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

Posted: March 9, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

Earlybird’s May Be onto Something

There’s a belief, that morning people tend to be more successful. Many famous CEOs and Directors have shared their early morning routine which, for many, begins at 4am; Apple CEO Tim Cook begins his day at 3:45am! While it may seem absurd to wake up before the sun has even risen, waking up early gives them the time they need to get a workout in, meditate, plan their day, and get a head start on work. And this helps propel early risers to create a more abundant day, and overall life.

For those who may find it impossible to wake up at 5am, there are steps you can take to create positive changes and become an early riser. Although it is true that for many early birds, waking up early comes naturally, it is a habit that can be changed. However, changing an inherent habit will take some work.

Baby Steps

If you normally wake up at 9am, a 5am alarm clock is never going to happen – not at first at least. In order to get to that 5am wake up time, you’ll need to start small. Try changing your wake-up time by 10 to 15min each week. So, begin by waking up at 8:45 am, then 8:30am, and so on, and so on. Even those extra 15 mins can help you get a head start on your day.

Revamp Your Bedtime Routine

Perhaps the biggest factor in successfully converting into an early bird is getting to bed at a decent hour. While night owls tend to go to bed past midnight, early birds shut down closer to 9pm. One reason  you may find it hard to sleep, is that it may be hard to shut off your mind. To help get you into a relaxing state, try shutting off electronic devices, including TVs, an hour before bed. Instead, grab a book or journal to get your mind off stimulating activities and more into a relaxing state.

Set morning goals

Before going to bed, make sure there’s something you’re  waking up to. Commit to a 10 min walk, answering 3 emails, or working on a project before you head out the door. There is always something we can work on to improve or support our life and goals. Set time every morning for that. It will be something to look forward to, and something that will support your goals. Some early birds find it beneficial to write down their schedule the night before – ensuring they’ll be ready for the day!

And waking up early may not only help you conquer your goals, but research shows that morning people tend to be happier and healthier. So if you’re ready to switch to an earlier morning routine, try adding a little extra caffeine to your mornings. Youngevity Be The Change Coffee offers a variety of blends to help give you an energy boost in the early mornings. Early bird or not, a great tasting cup of coffee is just what everyone needs to start their day!

Now, get ready to wake up early, conquer your goals, and change your life!

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