How It Works

Youngevity Recognition Program

Recognition at Youngevity takes many forms. We have everything from formal event-based recognition to monthly rank ups, annual awards, Success Store credits, special programs, and much more. It’s what separates our industry from the standard 9 to 5 job—we believe in recognizing people frequently for the good things they’re doing!

Recognition Types

Monthly Rank Up: Anytime you rank up to the next level (see rank list, here), our Qualifications Team will send you a certificate to acknowledge that achievement. When you rank into our leadership levels, starting with the 1 Star Executive Rank, you will also receive a rank pin.

Event-based Rank Recognition: Whenever you get an opportunity to be recognized with your peers present, that recognition is that much sweeter and more special, being surrounded by people all striving for the same kind of betterment in their lives. These are the people who fully understand the achievement you’ve made.

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At Youngevity, when you rank up and attend our annual convention, our recognition program rewards you! If you are a 1 Star Executive or higher, you’ll receive a rank medallion and photo with our executives. An achievement of 2 Star Executive also earns you award credit to our Success Store! We believe that everyone should “Pick your Passion”, and we extend that philosophy to Picking your Reward as well. At the Youngevity Success Store, you’ll be able to choose from an assortment of great items, all emblazoned with your rank. Everything from watches and iPads to clothing, jewelry, bags and more. Learn more about the
Success Store Here.

The award credits go up the higher you go, and the longer you hold your rank. See chart here (Awards Credit Chart).


  • In order to earn award credits, you must be registered for and attend our annual convention. Registration deadlines vary year to year, so please check our event page for more details. Remember, if we don’t know you’ll be there, we can’t recognize you!
  • Only new rank achievers will receive a medallion and photo with our executives.
  • Only new rank achievers at 3 Star Executive and up will cross stage during our recognition segments during general session.

The new Youngevity Success Store is where you’ll choose your own rank up award, and also where you can find Youngevity branded goods to show your Youngevity Nation pride. It’s all online, so just log in, browse and shop! Please note that you can see the prize options for all levels, but you’ll only be able to purchase from the rank level you’re at currently. Happy Shopping!

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Log in. First time users will need to set up a password. (If you need the email link to set up your account, please email
  2. Browse the award options at your level, or others. You can see all the fun items found at every level, but you’ll only be able to make a purchase at your current rank level.
  3. Place your order! You can shop with your award credit (received when ranking up to 2 Star Executive and above when coming to Convention) or with credit card.

Success Store and Award Credit FAQ’s:

We want you to have your new rank items as soon as possible to start enjoying them. But because nearly every item is ordered specifically for you and customized with your rank, delivery times do vary. Below is an approximate timeframe for different types of products:

Most Apparel Items: 10-14 days for production + delivery time

Pocket Squares: 15 days + delivery time

Watches: 14-16 days for engraving + delivery time

Jewelry: approx 5 days + delivery time

Pashminas: approx 10-14 days + delivery time

Everyday items: Orders normally ship within  24-48 hrs + delivery time

Rings: Every ring is made to order. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Award credits are the updated replacement to Youngevity’s jacket and ring awards. These award credits are given to Associates when they rank up and attend a Youngevity regional or national convention (each event held once per year). Ranking up to a new level will earn you award credit, and holding your rank for three consecutive months or 4 out of 6 months will earn you another award credit.

No – you may purchase anything you like from the Everyday section or within your rank level, at any time. You do not need to have award credits to make a purchase (although it’s more fun!). Additionally, if you do not have enough in award credits to cover the cost of your selection, you may pay the difference via credit card at the time of purchase.

Yes! The Youngevity Success Store accepts credit cards for all purchases of Award Gifts or Everyday Goods.

After logging in and selecting items to buy, you’ll see an “award credit balance” in the upper right corner of your screen. This will be applied to your purchase.

The balance remains connected to your account, and can be used at any time. If you earn additional award credit by ranking up, rank consistency and attending Convention or Regionals, that new award amount will be applied to your account.

Award credits are given for ranking up or rank consistency in 2 Star Executive and up levels, per Youngevity guidelines. Ranking up means achieving a new rank level, and is awarded a specific amount when you attend Convention or Regionals. Rank Consistency means ranking and holding your new rank for three consecutive months or four out of six months, and is also presented only at Convention or Regional events.

Yes. You are free to select anything within your level, you would just need to pay the difference.

Sorry no. Award credits are not transferrable, nor redeemable for cash.

Yes! Additional shipping charges apply.

Please contact Youngevity Success Store Customer Service at 844-200-9686. Regular YGYI Customer Service will not be equipped to help you with your Success Store order.

It varies product to product. Because most of the items are customized with your rank, please allow extra time for customization, shipping and handling.

Everyday goods may be purchased by anyone for anyone. Luxury Award items may only be purchased for yourself, at your current level.

Rank levels are updated monthly. This is to allow the Qualifications Team time to finalize all advancement information and share with the Success Store. For example, if you ranked up in February, your new rank will not be posted to the Success Store until April 1. If you have concerns, please email

Please reach out to customer service at Youngevity, or you can email

Due to the seasonality of some of the recognition gifts (handbags in particular), we may change items out from time to time. If you see something you love – get it now!