How It Works

Youngevity Recognition Program

Recognition at Youngevity takes many forms. We have everything from formal event-based recognition to monthly rank ups, annual awards, special programs & promotions, and much more. It’s what separates our industry from the standard 9 to 5 job—we believe in recognizing people frequently for the good things they’re doing!


Recognition Types

Monthly Rank Up: Anytime you rank up to the next level (see rank list, here), our Qualifications Team will send you a certificate to acknowledge that achievement. When you rank into our leadership levels, starting with the 1 Star Executive Rank, you will also receive a rank pin.

Event-based Rank Recognition: Whenever you get an opportunity to be recognized with your peers present, that recognition is that much sweeter and more special, being surrounded by people all striving for the same kind of betterment in their lives. These are the people who fully understand the achievement you’ve made.