5 Coffee Benefits That’ll Blow Your Mind

Posted: June 22, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

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Whether you like your coffee hot or iced, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy one of the world’s most popular drinks. And it’s not just delicious – there are a variety of coffee benefits everyone will love. Coffee, how many ways do we love thee? Let us count the ways:

1. Feeling antisocial? Coffee could help with that.

It promotes the release of dopamine, which gives you that euphoric, happy feeling. It could help you feel more sociable and positive about yourself, and others, too!

2. It may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A 2017 report from the Annual Review of Nutrition found a connection between coffee drinking and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease (heart failure, stroke, and coronary heart disease), type 2 diabetes, and several types of cancer. In an earlier study, the caffeine in coffee helped to boost the amount of a valuable protein in cells. These caffeinated cells prevented damaged heart muscles from dying. Caffeine = potentially healthier cells? We’re in.

3. Coffee might boost your metabolism.

Drinking coffee may jumpstart your metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis, a process that could help with breaking down the body’s fat.

4. It has tons of antioxidants.

Coffee naturally contains antioxidants, which can even be enhanced by roasting. Antioxidants are thought to provide a number of health benefits. They may help to fight free radicals, unstable molecules that can cause “oxidative stress,” something that can result in damage to your cells.

5. Coffee makes exercise feel like a breeze.

Tired of struggling with exercise? A 12-ounce cup of coffee might be the answer. The key is to give yourself 15 minutes for your body to absorb the caffeine. After 15 minutes, caffeine may help to dull parts of your brain that process pain, helping you to push through your workout. It may also increase your ability to work out longer, giving you a better opportunity to burn more calories. Think of coffee as something to complement your lifestyle – it shouldn’t replace a healthy diet and exercise, but it might help you feel better!

Ready to take advantage of these coffee benefits?

Try out coffee’s powerful properties by sipping on a cup before or after exercising!

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