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Who’s joining us for Walktober this year? If you need a little help getting motivated to get outside and exercise, here are 5 fun reasons to walk with us this October:

1 BINGO! Have some fun, post your activities, and let us know when you get a BINGO! You may win a prize!

2 It’s fun and it feels good! Every day gives you a new opportunity to infuse your regular routine with new healthy habits.

3 Autumn is here! Now’s the time to scope out your neighborhood’s best fall decorations.

4 Cooler temps = perfect exercise weather! Take advantage of the nice weather before the winter chill arrives.

5 If you walk consistently for 30 days, you will have created one of the healthiest life-long habits!


Sunday – Kick off! An easy stroll is on the plan today. Take time to enjoy the scenery, the weather, etc. Be present with every step.
Monday – Take a brisk 15 minute walk or mid-level 30 minute walk, and mix up some Pollen Burst over ice! Enjoy an energy boost while you get your steps in for the day.
Tuesday – Wrap up your walk with some yoga or other stretching. Instead of heading back home immediately, why not enjoy a few mindful moments at your local park?
Wednesday – See how many seasonal-inspired pictures you can get on your walk! Here are some things to look for: fallen leaves or acorns, pumpkins, trees that change color, apple and pear trees, falling rain/hail/snow, etc.
Thursday – Match your outfit to your favorite Youngevity drink. There are so many fun options that work well for the season. Hint: try SaXi for bit of purple, or Rebound FX for a warm yellow color!
Friday – Try listening to a new podcast during your walk.
Saturday – Up your walk by 15 minutes today and add some other moves after the walk. Try a 30 second plank or 20 crunches!


Sunday – Map out a new route for this week’s walk to explore a new location.
Monday – Do a set of lunges or squats with every block you walk. The only way to strengthen those knee muscles is to use them! If you do a little bit at a time, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can feel a difference.
Tuesday – Count the number of houses you see with Halloween décor. Spooky season is back, and what better way to see it unfold than to get out into your community and watch decorations spring to life one house at a time? If you get to more than 20, you know your neighborhood is clearly the place to be this Halloween.
Wednesday – Smile and say hello to at least one person on your walk. Not every day is sunshine and rainbows, but you never know what might make someone else’s day. Show off that beautiful smile and pat yourself on the back for making the world a little bit brighter!
Thursday – Try and exceed your daily step count with each walk. It’s the mid-week push! With Monday and Tuesday behind you, there’s no excuse not to push yourself today. Now go burn some calories!
Friday – Show us how you incorporate one of our energy drinks into your daily routine. Do you like your energy in the morning or afternoon? Pre-workout, or post-exercise? Take a picture or video showing how you use your Youngevity energy drink and tag us!


Sunday – Use a Youngevity product in a smoothie to-go. September heat waves call for a cool-down drink! We recommend BTT 2.0 for a delicious Jamba Juice-inspired smoothie. If you prefer something more dessert-like, go for our Banana Cream FitShake or chocolatey Total Meal Replacement Shake!
Monday – Try some speed ups! Speed up your walk for 20 seconds then walk your normal pace for 1 minute and repeat for your entire walk.
Tuesday – Do a full stretching routine before your walk. It’ll protect you from straining yourself and help you increase your flexibility, especially if you stick to it each day.
Wednesday – Tell a stranger about Youngevity’s products. Since our products aren’t available in grocery stores or malls, the only way for people to find out about the amazing, life changing nutrient blends we offer is through word of mouth! Make sure to share, share, share if you want everyone to unlock their full health potential this year.
Thursday – Think about your sleep habits. Better sleep = better health! Need help getting restful, restorative sleep? Try our all-new Beyond Sleep Gummies.
Friday – What’s friendlier than our four-legged friends? Bring your goodest dog on your walk.
Saturday – Spend 15 min after your walk to improve your flexibility. Take time to stretch after your walk and maybe even add it to your daily routine. Here are a few good examples!


Sunday – Do 5 jumping jacks every time you see a skeleton decoration. It’s a pretty common Halloween decoration, so you should be pretty busy jumping today – and we want to see! Share a video of your jumping jacks and tell us how many skellies you saw.
Monday – Find a small hill or set of stairs to climb during todays walk!
Tuesday – Use a Youngevity product in your morning coffee. We recommend our tasty vanilla Collagen Creamer, but you can use anything you want!
Wednesday – Enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Share pictures of the scenery.
Thursday – Do something nice for someone on your walk or plan your kind gesture and do it after your walk.
Friday – Wear a Halloween costume or accessories for your daily exercise. We’re getting so close to Halloween, are you ready? Show off your spooky season spirit today while you get your steps in! Extra props if you’re feeling bold enough to rock the orange and black at the gym.
Saturday – Finish strong by boosting your walk into a hike! Find a beautiful trail to help you breathe in nature and test your strength.


Sunday – Use a Youngevity product in baking! Have you tried one of our collagen muffins recipes? With its gentle flavor profile, our Collagen Peptides mix is so easy to mix in with your favorite seasonal treat without affecting your favorite classic flavors.

Monday –  Rise and shine! Let’s get out early and walk today before work (or before lunch if you’re already at work).

TuesdayHappy Halloween! The day is finally here! Tell us about the funniest or cutest Halloween decoration you saw this week, and make sure to get outside for a quick walk before the trick-or-treaters arrive.


Click here to download the full size bingo card

Rules for Bingo

Goal: Get Bingo by getting 5 activities in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

You must post your activities for Walktober daily so we can verify your Bingo.

Let us know (post to Facebook) when you get Bingo! We’ll award 5 Bingo winners, one for each week in October.

Make sure you stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and take breaks when you need to. Let’s go have some fun!

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