What Type of Dad Do You Have?

Posted: June 2, 2017 | By: Rocio Ramos

Father’s Day is June 18, so now is the time to start making your Father’s Day plans. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to get dad for his special day, but with Youngevity’s Father’s Day gift guide, it is a whole lot easier!

We all know dads can be a little weird sometimes, but we love them anyway! Each dad is different in his own way, and that is what makes them special. No matter the type of dad you have, whether he’s a coffee aficionado, a health nut, a well-groomed businessman, or a homebody, Youngevity has the perfect gift set to make him smile from ear to ear this Father’s Day.

For the coffee loving dads out there, Youngevity’s Caffeinated Dad Father’s Day Gift Package is the perfect choice! Make Dad’s cup of joe more interesting by surprising him with this variety pack of delicious organic coffees. The set includes a bag of Youngevity’s Be the Change Whole Bean Dark Roast and a bag of Youngevity’s Be the Change Caramel Coffee Cake Ground Coffee. In addition, the set also includes Youngevity’s Triple Treat Chocolate with antioxidant-rich cocoa and wild-craft blueberries with probiotics, live bacteria that will improve your dad’s intestinal balance of good versus bad microorganisms, promoting the immune system and overall health.

Maybe your dad prefers to hit the gym five days a week. Youngevity’s Active Dad Gift Set is perfect for all those physically active dads out there! Working out can be hard on the joints, causing uncomfortable aches and pains. This set includes Youngevity’s best-selling Ultimate CM Cream, which contains a proprietary blend of botanicals, including Celadrin Complex, that helps support the muscular and skeletal system. It aids in the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, strains, sprains, and simple backaches. The Active Dad gift set also includes Youngevity’s Physical Care natural essential oil blend, which is targeted toward supporting bone and joint health, and alleviating physical aches and pains.

For the aging dads out there, Youngevity’s Dad “The Younger Version” Gift Set is a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to add a little more pep to his step. These powerful nutritional products are just what he needs to feel young again! The set includes H.G.H Youth Complex, Ultimate Youth Green Super Food, Imortalium.

Perfect for the business man in your life, Youngevity’s Dapper Dad Gift Set is perfect for dads who love that squeaky clean, well-groomed look. Even dads deserve pampering sometimes! Help your dad to relax and enjoy Father’s Day with these warm vanilla and tropical coconut-scented natural grooming products. The products included in this gift set are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate-free. The gift set includes Youngevity’s Desiderata Natural Shampoo, Desiderata Natural Conditioner, Desiderata Natural Body Scrub, Desiderata Natural Styling Gel, Botanical Spa Hand and Body Lotion.

Is your dad a homebody? That probably means that he loves to relax when he’s at home. Youngevity’s Father’s Day Diffuser Gift Set can help start Dad’s day on a relaxing note, with the refreshing scents of natural essential oils. In addition to Youngevity’s essential oil diffuser, the set includes two Youngevity essential oil blends, prosperity and awareness, which help dad to relax through aromatherapy. Not included in the set is Youngevity’s Man Up essential oil blend, which is formulated to address the specific needs of the mature man. This blend of oils targets brain activity and the physical challenges that many men may experience with age. Youngevity’s Man Up Essential Oil Blend can be purchased separately to add to the gift set to make your dad feel even more special!

Regardless of how you characterize your dad – whether he can’t function without his coffee every morning, loves going to the gym, enjoys being dapper and clean, loves to make his office smell amazing – he deserves to feel special this Father’s Day!  Leave it to Youngevity’s wide selection of Father’s Day gift packages to make every dad can feel as though his gift was made just for him!


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