Circle of Honor 2018

Be part of the Circle of Honor!

The inaugural group of Circle of Honor achievers in 2017 included over 1,600 Youngevity Associates. Nearly 500 of you attended our convention in Dallas or Mexico! That’s a fantastic achievement to have so many business builders in this distinguished group.  


And it’s a group you want to be part of. Because if you are a COH achiever, you never know when we’re going to surprise you with perks, special treatment or even trips!


Five of our 2017 COH achievers won a drawing to join Youngevity in Times Square to help ring the NASDAQ bell in January 2018! We loved surprising them with this once in a lifetime trip—on us!

Now through the end of June, expect to see other things come your way as a 2017 Circle of Honor achiever. We’ll be reaching out to you for insights on special projects, arranging some calls with our Exec team, and more!

Want to be part of Circle of Honor moving forward?

You’re in luck, because it’s a fresh new start for 2018! This ongoing program has a few changes from the original promotion, which you’ll find below. Here’s all the details:

COH 2018 will run January 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018, for a 6-month program.

To achieve Circle of Honor 2018:

1. Rank up into leadership levels for the first time (1 Star Executive and up) OR..

2. Rank up over your current lifetime leadership level rank. OR…

3. Hold your lifetime rank for 3 consecutive months, or 4 out of 6 months

When you achieve COH status for 2018, you’ll earn:

Bragging rights!

This is a special go-to group of business builders in Youngevity Nation!

Recognition at Convention

Inclusion in special surveys, Exec calls, and more!*

Special event/speaker session at Convention

Certificate and Pin

JOIN THIS GROUP of special achievers! Be part of the next CIRCLE OF HONOR!


*Please note that Award Credits to the Youngevity Success Store are not part of Circle of Honor 2018 and beyond. The Award Credits given for the previous promotion was only for the inaugural 2017 Circle of Honor program. Award Credits can still be earned through our Rank & Recognition program.