Build Your Business with the Health Assessment

Posted: January 14, 2019 | By: Stacy Croninger

Your health is important and you want others to know what you know – how to have optimum health. You can tell them about all the products that Youngevity provides, but that might overwhelm the people you’re sharing the information with. Instead, make it personal. Find out what they need and then introduce them to those products.

Health Assessment

Youngevity has had a health assessment tool for several years, but not like the new one. This one is interactive and walks you through each question. Each question is grouped into the various health categories and you click on the answer that applies best. When you’re all done, you’re given a results pages with recommendations for a specific Healthy Body Pak and targeted products.

Your Business

When you have a potential customer that is unsure what they need, have them take the Health Assessment. They can do it on their own, print their results, and then you can discuss it or you can go through it together.

The Health Assessment is the perfect starting point for a conversation about the person’s health needs. No longer do you have to guess which product to recommend – the tool does that for you. But your customer needs you to help them understand where to start, how to order, and answer questions once they receive their products.

YoungevityGo2 App

If you aren’t using the YoungevityGo2 App you really should, especially for sharing the Health Assessment. The app is filled with videos, shareable social squares, and more. For the Health Assessment, find the square shown above in the Social Media Shareable Images section. When you tap on it, you’ll see sample text to include as well as options for sharing such as email, text (SMS), social, and more. When you choose your option, default text is provided with the link to the Health Assessment, but feel free to change it to what you want.

The cool part about the app is the tracking. You can see who and when they open the emails and texts you send so you can follow up with them. This app will revolutionize building your business with the ease and variety of options.

Take the Health Assessment

If you haven’t already taken the Health Assessment, do it today so you’ll know what your customers will experience. Then start sharing and spreading the word about creating a healthy life.

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