Celebrity Ambassador Marilu Henner Shares beauty & Health Secrets

Posted: February 6, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

Marilu Henner talks Youngevity, diet, and 2020 goals in an interview with Parade

Youngevity Celebrity Ambassador is a guru when it comes to living healthy. At age 67, she’s frequently sought out for her regimen on aging and overall health. With many looking to support healthy aging, Parade asked Marilu Henner what her secrets to living a long healthy life have been. Her answers may surprise you – especially because they’re just now coming into vogue.

In the interview with Parade,  Marilu shares her struggles with “yo-yo dieting” and how she was able to finally find her path to health. It began with just quitting soda. It wasn’t long before she was tweaking many other things in her diet.  She attributes her incredible energy and attitude to her long-standing diet.

Additionally, Marilu talks about her 20 things in 2020 plan. Her 20 things are based off an original list of 30 things she wrote down, and every day, she accomplishes 20 of those 30 things. From exercise to flossing to sleep, this list helps her stay in line with her healthy habits and goals.

Marilu continues to be an incredible influence in the Youngevity community. Her outlook on health and life is one everyone can admire.

You can read the full Parade feature and find out more about Marilu’s secrets at  parade.com.

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