Dustin & Kelsey Britton share Better Health & Business

Posted: April 26, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

Better Health Now Cycle 1 Semifinalists Share their Journey!

Dustin and Kelsey Britton joined Cycle 1 of the Better Health Now Challenge and have collectively lost 61 lbs. on the REV 90 Program in just 3 months! As the pounds began to come off, they began to gain customers, almost unexpectedly. They were both active with their progress on social media and the public, always taking their meals and supplements on-the-go. Soon, others noticed their transformations and wanted to know what they were doing – the perfect way to start a conversation.

From these conversations, the Brittons connected with people they had never met before. Husbands and wives of coworkers and acquaintances wanted to know more. Through the course of the challenge, they signed up new customers, saw people on their teams rank up, and even saw some inactive team members get involved in the REV 90 Program and grow their business as well. The positive effects of the challenge had an even bigger impact than they imagined – themselves, their team, and the people around them.

The Brittons finished Cycle 1 of the Better Health Now Challenge as semifinalists! But they’ve gained so much more from their weight loss journey. What Dustin and Kelsey said they love most about the program is that there aren’t any magic pills (which never work long-term). When you join the Better Health Now Challenge, you’ll experience great nutrition, workout tips, and the benefits of powerful Youngevity supplements – three elements that will set you on the exciting path toward better health.




“I weigh less now than I did in high school, and have already surpassed my weight loss goal.” – Dustin






“Do it for yourself first. I wanted to be in a different bathing suit for our trip to Mexico. Achieving that goal has given me the confidence to do even more.” – Kelsey



Dustin & Kelsey have two big tips for building your business with the Better Health Now Challenge:

  1. Be a product of the product! When people see your achievement, they naturally want to learn more.
  2. Be vocal and share your weight loss experience. People also want an authentic, real experience. Your success is the best advertisement!

Cycle 2 of the Better Health Now Challenge has just begun. With three nutritional programs to choose from and helpful online resources, anyone can join the challenge and find the path that works for them. Plus, our quarterly contests are a great way to help you and your team set goals and stay motivated. The path to better health is a journey, and what better way to travel the path than with a team of motivated individuals.

Join the Better Health Now Challenge today!



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