Posted: December 31, 2021 | By: Brian Posalski



By now we’re all used to the marketing messages we hear every January about fitness, exercise and resolutions. Our natural tendencies to to create a fresh start as the calendar changes to a new year have been amplified to the degree that January is officially considered the health and wellness month.


But anyone who has ever embarked on a new health routine, or anyone who has been part of Youngevity for more than a minute recognizes that true well-being isn’t an overnight thing. It’s not even a week long or month long undertaking. True well-being is an evolution—an ongoing series of improvements to our habits, our way of thinking, and the way we treat our bodies that over time improves our health and wellness. It’s like that saying about happiness being a journey, not a destination. Well-being, as we see it at Youngevity, is similar. You’re just not going to transition from unhealthy to healthy during one month of the year set aside for wellness reminders and diet product sales. By contrast, our Better Health Challenge runs all year, every year, and the focus is always the same: mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep—no matter when you join.


That being said, January IS a great time of year to kick off a fresh start, because we’re naturally in that frame of mind to begin new things. So this January, we’re kicking off our year-long focus on improvements, called Refresh Your Routine.


What does that mean? It means we’re taking the lead in our health, our business and our well-being—and not just sitting back letting things happen as they may. Being purposeful with your daily habits has a tremendous influence on the feelings of stability and overall well-being. Here are some of the ways we’re going to help you refresh your routine in 2022:


  • Product Partners – are you maximizing the benefits of our extensive product line? We’ll feature product pairings that work great to support your health and wellness—maybe some combos you haven’t tried before.
  • Movement Matters – we’ve heard it before, but movement is key to better health. It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it should be fun! We’ll bring various new movement challenges and training for you to add to your routine!
  • Business Builders – is your sales pitch a little dusty? Are you forwarding information to your customers instead of really understanding what their needs are? We’ll bring you updated ways to reach out to your customers and potential team members, to refresh your business routine.


Each month we feature something new to focus on, within the three categories above: Product Partners/Nutrition, Movement and Business Building. To kick off the year, we’ve got a great tracker for January (and beyond!) to help you be intentional with good habits for your health like movement, water intake, sleep, and more. Download your copy below, and use it to help keep you on track. Better yet—let us know how you’re doing! Post your accomplishments to one of our Youngevity or Better Health Challenge Facebook pages for others to cheer on and be inspired by.


We’re looking forward to the many ways we can help you Refresh Your Routine—keeping health, wellness and business thriving and improving in January—and all of 2022!

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