Planning the Ultimate Workout? Prepare with Ultimate™ CM Cream

Posted: August 2, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

Plan the Ultimate WorkoutWhat better time to stay fit than in the summer! It is a perfect time to take advantage of the warm weather by getting outside and planning the ultimate workout. This summer, focus on fitness with a goal to help yourself feel great and to get in tiptop shape! Anyone who is into fitness knows that you are bound to encounter sore muscles and joints after an intense workout. Backaches, strains, and arthritis can all put a damper on getting the best workout possible. However, there are ways to help ease, or even avoid injury altogether when exercising.

Here are 3 tips to avoid backaches, strains, and arthritis pains during your ultimate workout:

  1. Stretch, and Stretch Some More

One of the best ways to avoid pulling a muscle is to thoroughly warm up before starting. Working out with stiff muscles and joints can increase the risk of pulling a muscle or creating joint pain, especially for those over 40. Make sure you are warming up your body and stretching before and after your workout! That’s right! Stretching post workout is just as important as stretching prior to it for avoiding sore joints and muscles.

  1. Switch up Your Routine

Doing the same workout every day can put a lot of stress on one part of the body; causing pain. To avoid this, change up your routine! So, you did squats today and tomorrow, focus on push-ups. Additionally, try adding low impact activities such as swimming or biking into your weekly routine. Exercise doesn’t always have to push you to the limits to provide great health and fitness benefits!

  1. Incorporate Other Means of Exercise

There are more ways than just running and lifting weights to get good exercise. When you perform too much high impact exercises, your joints and muscles suffer the consequences. Water exercise is often overlooked because it doesn’t feel as though swimming offers a good workout. However, the buoyancy of water actually makes it so there is less body weight on your joints, making it a good workout alternative for those who experience arthritis pain.

Try as you might to avoid injuries and sore muscles, it may still happen. And if they do, a great way to help ease those sore joints and muscles is to apply a joint relief cream after a workout. Before buying store bought creams, think about swapping where you shop for Youngevity’s Ultimate™CM Cream, which contains a proprietary blend of botanicals, including Celadrin Complex, that helps support the muscular and skeletal system, and is completely paraben-free, making it a healthy alternative to what you’ll find on the shelf! During the month of July, Youngevity is bringing back some of our most popular Swap Where You Shop bundles – including our fantastic Ultimate™ CM Cream.

Even former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Drew Pearson, loves this Youngevity product! After playing professional football for more than 15 years, Pearson continues to live an active lifestyle, and spreading Youngevity’s healthy bone and joint message has become Drew’s newest endeavor.

So get out and get active this summer – stretch, switch, strengthen … and remember to #SwapWhereYouShop


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