3 Nutritional Products to Support Heart Health

Posted: February 9, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

Support Your Heart During American Heart Health Month

Heart disease is no longer a concern faced only by older adults. Young adults, some of who are in great physical shape, are now also at risk for heart disease. Even celebrity trainer Bob Harper, who some would say is amongst the fittest people in the US, became a victim of heart disease after surviving a heart attack; despite never experiencing any risk factors. With the increase in frequency of heart disease victims, taking every possible prevention measure it vital. It’s simply not enough to exercise, follow a healthy diet and maintain a health weight, now more than ever, supplementing with nutrients that support a healthy cardiovascular system is vital.


ProCardio FX™

The cardiovascular system is complex. This  is why cardiovascular disease comes in many forms and affects people of all ages. Fortunately, there are many nutrients that have been found to support specific areas of the cardiovascular system and specific concerns. ProCardio FX™ was created to meet the complex needs of the cardiovascular system with targeted nutritional support. It is the first nutritional supplement to combine an essential fatty acid with a dynamic blend of fat-soluble nutrients that work synergistically to address the complexity of cardiovascular disease.  The nutrients in ProCardio FX™ promote a healthy response to oxidative stress, support healthy blood flow, and support energy production – the three major areas of cardiovascular health.



Ultimate EFA Plus™

Essential fatty acids, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, have a standing reputation for delivering incredible health benefits. Omega-3’s have been found to combat inflammation, promote a healthy cardiovascular system, improve mental health, and much more. Ultimate EFA Plus™ contains a unique blend of essential fatty acids, including a high omega-3 profile, that may help support a healthy cardiovascular system and many other aspects of health.




Beets, the purple root vegetable that most individuals usef to overlook at the grocery store, is now a popular food among endurance athletes. Endurance athletes, even more so than the general population, must ensure that their cardiovascular system is functioning at optimal levels. The root vegetable has been found to be a rich source of nitrates that are converted by the body into  nitric oxide – which has been found to increase blood flow and increase oxygen production throughout the body.  CardioBeets™ delivers a tasty dose of beets plus additional antioxidant-rich nutrients that support healthy blood flow and endurance. It’s an excellent cardiovascular-supporting supplement for active individuals looking to improve endurance and performance and support their cardiovascular system.

Youngevity offers an incredible assortment of cardiovascular-supporting nutritional products. Each with a unique blend of nutrients that can promote a healthy heart during the month of February and beyond. Regardless of age, sex, or health, adequate nutritional support for a healthy heart and the vascular system that supports it is vital. Remember, prevention is the key!


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