3 Great Reasons to Support Gut Health

Posted: March 17, 2023 | By: Rocio Ramos

The link between a healthy gut and one’s overall health continues to grow. And even though your gut lives in your digestive system, it affects many other systems in the body. And unfortunately, toxins in both your diet and environment can put you at risk for an unhealthy microbiome (the total microorganisms living in your body). Here are at least three reasons why you should support a healthy gut!

brain functionMay support healthy Brain function

While many know the connection between your gut and digestive system, the gut is also connected to the brain through millions of nerves. This information superhighway is called the brain-gut axis and it provides constant updates on what is happening in each part of the body. This connection between the gut and the brain means that poor digestive health can lead to several neurological disorders. Recent evidence indicates that not only is our brain “aware” of our gut microbes, but these bacteria can influence our perception of the world and alter our behavior. Therefore, the gut microbiome may also affect brain health by helping control the messages that are sent to the brain through these nerves.

can help with allergies

With the warm spring season also comes a lot of seasonal allergies. Although you may not know it, your gut health may play a role in how your body responds to seasonal allergies. Your digestive tract and  respiratory tract are immune barriers, helping your body combat outside invaders. Since your gut and immune system and intertwined, when your gut is unhealthy it is unable to keep outside invaders away – including seasonal allergies.

Supports a Healthy Immune System

One of the biggest benefits of a healthy gut is supporting a healthy immune system. The microbiome in your gut has the ability to regulate how the immune system works. More than 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. That means that the complex system that protects you and keeps you healthy is influenced by your intestinal flora and what happens there. Our gut flora is like the gatekeeper, and it cannot allow harmful bacteria to penetrate the boundaries. When it does come across harmful bacteria, the gut flora signals the immune system to take action. According to studies, by communicating with immune cells, the gut microbiome can control how your body responds to infection.

nutrients that support gut health

Probiotic supplements may help increase the good bacteria in your gut and support a diverse microbiome. Depending on your health goals, there are a many different probiotic supplements that can help support a healthier gut.

This blend of five probiotic bacteria strains promotes a healthy microbiome in an easy-to-consume stick pack. It’s also supported by two prebiotic fibers that feed the good bacteria our probiotic strains produce. Working together, this symbiotic combination helps the gastrointestinal tract work more efficiently, providing numerous health benefits.

Ultimate Microbiome™
Ultimate Microbiome provides prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic support in one powerful formula. Through an exclusive probiotic blend, our proprietary i26 Hyperimmune Egg Powder, and a powerful Multi-Enzyme Complex, it provides holistic gut health properties not found in any other product.

True2 Life Daily Digest™
True2Life Daily Digest provides you with the support you need to target the 3 main areas of the gut: the liver, intestinal lining, and microbiome. Through daily cleansing, nutrient delivery and absorption, and a diverse microbiome, True2Life Daily Digest helps support optimal digestive health.

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