Following a Healthy Diet vs. Going on a Diet

Posted: August 9, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

following a dietFollowing a diet is hard

Summer is almost over and most people have had great success on their diet plans. Unfortunately, some have fallen off the wagon. And while starting a diet is hard, staying committed long after you’ve lost those 10lbs is even harder.  Anybody can start a diet or the Better Health Challenge, but following a diet long-term, after the initial goal has been reached, is not an easy task. So, if you’re constantly going on a diet, maybe it’s time to switch the dieting plan.

Two kinds of diets

There are two kinds of diets; the one you follow and the one you go on. Following a diet means this it the type of food you’re regularly eating. For instance, I follow a paleo diet; meaning for the most part I only eat meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts & seeds. Some people may follow a Vegetarian Diet, others a Mediterranean Diet and others a Raw Food Diet. However, most Americans follow a Standard American Diet; high in processed and refined foods, dairy and animal products and low in vegetables and fruit. Following a Standard American Diet most often leads to weight gain and thus will then result in going on a diet.

Going on a diet, means your subjecting yourself to calorie or food restrictions to lose weight. Some people go on diets if they’ve gained a few pounds and want to get back to their normal weight. However, most individuals go on diets wanting to lose substantial weight. Going on a diet to lose substantial weight can be a difficult change if you’re restricting calories. Many times dieters will lose some weight, get off track, gain the weight back, and go back to their old habits. It’s a roller coaster ride that many individuals struggle with for most of their lives. Although it’s ok to start off by going on a diet, ultimately, you want to just follow a healthy diet; ending the need to go on diets.

Keep it simple

To keep it simple, an overall healthy diet is one high in fresh, unprocessed whole foods; free of sugar, vegetable oils, packaged meals/snacks, fast-food and other highly-processed foods. I know it’s easy to say, “Ok, I’m going to start eating healthy.” However, because our bodies are now accustomed to the Standard American Diet, it’s extremely difficult to quit sugar and processed foods altogether. Your body and mind will fight you until you give in. It’s a physical and mental battle which you can overcome.  Trying a 21 sugar detox is a great way to commit to not having sugar and processed foods and it will reprogram your body.

Get your 90 essential  nutrients

Whether you’re following a healthy diet or going on a diet, the best way to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need to keep your body healthy is with the Healthy Body Start Pak™.  Even individuals who follow healthy diets may not be getting the 90 essential nutrients needed for optimal health due to modern agricultural practices that strip plants from nutrients.  If you’re starting a new, healthy diet, consuming the 90 essential nutrients will support a variety of systems in your body that will help you through your lifestyle changes.  With the Healthy Body Start Pak™ 2.0 with BTT 2.0 Tablets you can easily take the 90 essential nutrients anytime, anywhere to help you follow healthy diet.

Remember to follow a healthy diet for an overall healthy lifestyle. Prevention is the key!

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