Making the Most of Your Eating While on Vacation

Posted: June 28, 2021 | By: Stacy Croninger

Have you ever noticed how you can have your eating, exercise, and daily routines under control and then you go on vacation and everything falls apart? You’re not alone. And before we get started, no one is saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself on vacation, but there are ways to strike a balance.

Make a Plan

While at home, you have a plan for what you’ll eat, when you’ll exercise, what time to get up, etc. While you don’t need to be that detailed on vacation, it may help to decide what you do want to do. For example, have one salad a day or include a walk in each day’s activities. Deciding in advance will make it easier once you’re on vacation. Even better, tell someone your plan so you have accountability.

Take Advantage of Local Foods

Depending on where you travel, you may have access to fruits and vegetables that you don’t at home. And for some reason, they end up tasting better. Use that to your advantage and incorporate them into your meals and snacks.

Traveling may also be a time when you feel more daring about trying new foods as well. Look for things on menus that you’ve wanted to try. Maybe it’s quinoa or sweet potatoes or salmon. You get the idea. Live a little and let your tastebuds have a vacation as well.

Take Your 90 For Life

No matter what you do, make sure you keep up on your 90 For Life products. You can either pre-package your items in snack baggies or you can buy travel packets like the On-the-Go Healthy Body Start Pak. Many of Youngevity’s other popular products are available for on-the-go as well, like Pollen Burst, Collagen Creamer, or ZRadical.

Have a wonderful vacation, whenever you end up going and enjoy staying healthy at the same time.

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