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Posted: March 25, 2019 | By: Youngevity

Better health challenge

Let us help you achieve Better Health Now. Whether your goal is to lose 15 lbs or 50 lbs, weight loss can be achieved by following one of our simple programs. Join us at Here are some incredible transformations from our Better Health Now participants!

Jennifer valasek

Jennifer Valasek – Before

“I am a woman of faith who loves living life, enjoying the outdoors, and helping others. I am married to a talented, loving, and amazing man, Josh. We have two fun, energetic, wonderful boys, Greyson age 6 and Hudson age 3. I work full time as an orthopedic nurse. I felt blessed when Youngevity came into my life. Not only is it a great company that incorporates health and wellness (which I’ve always been into), but also empowers others to be their best self and live life to the fullest! I absolutely love the people in this company!! This year I felt led to join the Better Health Challenge doing the Wellness90 program. I didn’t need to lose a lot of weight by any means, but nutrition is key to staying healthy, fit, and being able to enjoy what life has to offer. I am a very busy person and I felt if I could lead by example and let others know that a healthy lifestyle, while living in this day to day craziness, is not only achievable but maintainable. If a mom with young kids, who works full time as a nurse doing 12 hour shifts, part time as an entrepreneur, being present for her kids, husband, friends, and extended family, can maintain a healthy lifestyle, then really anyone can. It’s truly all mindset. My hope was to inspire others that a healthy lifestyle is truly easy for them and their family. Our Wellness90 program offers great meal ideas and with the simple Good Food/Bad Food list it was easy to follow. I did not use Rev the last two months but did do my protein shake daily and used Sweet-Eze. I feel as a mom we are big influencers on our families. My kiddos mimic what we do as parents. Through this program my kids have learned more about healthy snack options and limiting gluten in their diets (I’ve been gluten free, working on my family to maintain gluten free outside of the home).

Jennifer Valasek – After

There have been days that have been tougher than others for sure. There are even days I felt like doing nothing, but then I look at my kids and realize “I got this!” I can do this, and I try to remind myself how much better I feel when I fuel my body right. I primarily do the grocery shopping, so weekly I try to plan out our meals and load up on fresh produce for the week. I encourage my kids to snack on nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and kids protein bars, which they do. I keep the Good Foods/Bad Foods list on my fridge so days I work long hours and my husband cooks the meals, he follows that list. As for incorporating exercise, since my weeks vary as I don’t have set work days as a nurse, I look at the week, then plan out my lifting days and running days. When life happens, (because it does!) I try to find other activities to do. For example, park farther away at store, walk more, take the stairs, do YouTube HITT workout videos, or sometimes I just enjoy more snuggle time with my kiddos. Life is all about balance – from proper nutrition and exercise to keeping the mind and soul fueled well. Always take time, at least 30 minutes a day, for yourself to recharge. It is so important to keep your well full. When you do, it is easier to help, inspire, and empower others to do the same. I am so thankful for our Wellness90 program that fosters a healthy, maintainable lifestyle. Believe in yourself and anything is possible!”

Holly Lasche Steiner

Holly Lasche Steiner – Before (Left) and After (Right)

“I started my journey in October 2018, one year after having my second child and had finished nursing. I held on to all my weight from my pregnancies and even gain weight during nursing due hypothyroidism and low milk supply. Losing weight has always been a struggle even before having kids, partly due to hypothyroidism, but I had tried other programs with no success! I found great success with Youngevity’s Better Health Now Challenge and Keto90. This is my third time doing the program: The first time to get fit before having kids, second time to lose weight after my son and right now! This is the first time I joined the contest! I had lofty goals and I knew I was going to need support from people on a likeminded journey and that the competition would help drive me! I set my goals to lose 40 pounds, strengthen my low back, wear my wedding band again, exercise as a family, and be a role model for my kids! To date: I have lost 36.8 pounds, have gone from a size 14 to an 8 in pants, am wearing my wedding ring, doing HIIT workouts, and have gone from 3 days a week at the chiropractor to being able to count on 1 hand how many times I’ve gone since October. I feel so much stronger physically and mentally and more positive as result of a healthy body image. I am really proud of how far I’ve come and the confidence I feel! I can’t wait to hit that 40 pound mark and set new goals! I am thankful for Youngevity products, the Better Health Now Challenge and the support and encouragement from of our online groups!”

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