Walktober 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Posted: October 16, 2022 | By: Rocio Ramos


Welcome to Walktober 2022!

Get your sneakers ready, grab a buddy, and map out your route, it’s time for our annual Walktober! This year, we want ALL our Youngevity community to come together and join this annual health movement. And after of couple of years of distancing, who isn’t ready to grab a group of friends or neighbors and connect with each other with daily walks and engaging activities.
Share Walktober with your friends and family and post on your social media accounts. There are a lot of exciting activities we’ll be sharing daily on our Better Health Challenge Facebook page & Youngevity’s Private Group page so make sure you’re following us there!

Here are the daily themes we’ll be following and each week, we’ll update the daily themes for you to participate in.

  • Set Up Sunday – Plan of action for the week, prepping, etc
  • Move it Monday – focus/emphasis on the walk itself. Increase length week after week.
  • Take it Tuesday – Take a picture of something and post it.
  • Worldwide Wednesday – Share the location you’re walking from!
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Some recommendations, inspiration, etc.
  • Friendly Friday – Invite people, say hello, etc
  • Super Saturday – Up-size whatever you’re doing. Go big or go home. Or just go big.

Walktober is going Global

And this year, we want people walking all around the globe! Post where you’re walking from so we can cross the location off our list, and you might even get perked! We’ll be tracking you using our Walktober community Map! Download it and join us in filling out each state and YGY country that joins in on Walktober!

Click on Map to Download.

use your bib to keep track

Additionally, we love helping you cross off you’re days with our Walktober Bib! You don’t need to wear it, just post in on your board or fridge and cross off every day that you walk! You can post your bib on social media and show off your walking streak!

Click on bib to download.

Here are the daily Walktober challenges for This UPcoming Week:

Set Up Sunday – Try a new, healthy Saveur Spice recipe after your walk today!  Better yet, do some meal prep for the week.
Move it Monday – Try some speed ups! Speed up your walk to 20 seconds then walk normal pace for 1 minute and repeat for your entire walk.
Take it Tuesday – What’s your post-workout regime? We recommend Rebound! Show us yours!
Worldwide Wednesday – Post the location you’re walking from! What do you love about your area?
Thoughtful Thursday – Think about your sleep habits. Better sleep = better health! Need help getting restful, restorative sleep? Try Sleep Eze.
Friendly Friday – What’s friendlier than our four legged friends? Bring your goodest dog on your walk.
Super Saturday – Spend 15 min after your walk to improve your flexibility. Take time to stretch after your walk and maybe even add it to your daily routine. Here are a few good examples: https://youngevityrc.com/blog/the-daily-stretch-routine-you-need-to-start-today/

daily Walktober challenges for Week 2:

Set Up Sunday – Map out a new route for this week’s walk to explore a new location.
Move it Monday – Add 5-10 minutes to your walk for the rest of the week
Take it Tuesday – Take and share a picture of your pre-walk game. BTT? Pollen Burst? Water?
Worldwide Wednesday – post the location you’re walking from!
Thoughtful Thursday – Reminder to speak positively to yourself, because you’re always listening.
Friendly Friday – Say hello to everyone you pass on your walk today!
Super Saturday – Invite a friend, family member, or neighbor to join you.

Daily Walktober Challenges for Week 1:  

Kickoff Saturday, Oct 1 – Who’s walking with us? Join our Facebook Live as we kick off Walktober!
Set Up Sunday, Oct 2  – An easy stroll is on the plan today. Take time to enjoy the scenery, the weather, etc. Be present with every step.
Move it Monday, Oct 3 – A brisk 15 min walk or mid-level 30 min walk
Take it Tuesday, Oct 4  – Take a picture of something interesting you found on your walk, and post it! You might get perked!
Worldwide Wednesday, Oct 5 – Post the location you’re walking from!
Thoughtful Thursday, Oct 6 – Some recommendations of things to listen to on your walk.
Friendly Friday, Oct 7 – Share some friendly piece of advice that makes your walking better or easier! We recommend Pre Workout Pixie.
Super Saturday, Oct 8 – Up your walk by 15 min today, and add some other moves after the walk. Try a 30 second plank or 20 crunches!
Check back next week for updates and new challenges!

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