Celebrate Every Mom in Your Life

Posted: April 5, 2021 | By: Stacy Croninger

When you hear the word mom, you likely think of your own mother or your wife or the mother of your children. You may also think of other women that have had an impact on your life. Those that have guided you during difficult times. Inspired you to be your best. Taken care of you. Or loved you like their own. These are the women that we honor on Mother’s Day and yes, they come in all varieties and from all walks of life. And while a gift may not truly express your love, it is a great starting point. So let’s get shopping!

What You’ll Find

Shopping should be easy, so we’ve organized the gift guide into the following categories:

  • $25 and Under
  • $50 and Under
  • Fashion – includes jewelry, bags, and nail products
  • Food & Beverage – includes spices and coffee
  • Spa & Beauty – includes spa products and makeup bundles
  • Essential Oils – includes essential oil bundles

Not sure what to get your mom? Browse the categories. Know that she loves jewelry? Head right to the Fashion category. And you can buy from a variety of categories to treat mom in a big way.

How to Share the Gift Guide

It’s likely that you know other people that would like to take advantage of one-stop shopping and special deals. So make sure you let them know.

In the YoungevityGo2 App, you can share the Mother’s Day Gift Guide social square. Plus, you can track who opens or views the square and follow up with them. And you can give them a link to shop from your site.

We also have PDFs of the gift guide that you can download and print or share through social media or emails. These links provide the gift guides for each country:

We hope you have an easy and fun time shopping for the mom’ in your life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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