Posted: October 4, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

“Wellness is a process, never a static state.” 

We hear the phrase “optimal wellness” often within our community. It’s an ideal state of health we all seek to achieve but, by no means, is it a final destination. And wellness goes beyond just nutrition. There are many aspects of wellness that we don’t always factor in; and can result in individuals becoming static in their wellness path. So the idea that we will achieve optimal wellness is a misconception because true wellness means that we are continuously improving and evolving.


The aspects of wellness that most of us are familiar with are our lifestyle choices. These are things such as physical activity levels, dietary choices, sleeping patterns, and social behaviors. These things play a major role in our outward appearance of wellness. On the same spectrum, are the behaviors we engage in; which may also affect our well-being. These involve relationships, productivity levels, time spent on social media, and even how we respect ourselves and others. These are all factors in our wellness that we can control. And these choices and behaviors either add, or take away from your wellness.

YOUR MOTIVATION and Self-awareness

Underneath our layer of lifestyle choices and behaviors, lies our motivation – and also our limitation. These are our motives for why we are partaking in a type of lifestyle or behavior. They can stem from outside influences like social norms, culture, family, and even past experiences. They can also be driven by our need to succeed or meet certain criteria. These psychological motives can either help us create healthy lifestyle choices, or keep us in bad behavioral patterns. They play a major role in how we perceive ourselves and thus, how well we take care of ourselves. To help ensure we stay on a path of wellness, we must constantly  work on our self-awareness and motives.


The last, and deeper, layer which affects your wellness is our level of spirituality and being. This is where meditation, purpose, and even philosophical beliefs play a role. Many of us struggle with this level because it requires a deep connection with ourselves. Here we look at our true purpose and, to go even deeper, the meaning of life. This shapes our lifestyle and are the morals and principles by which we live by.


Everyone has setbacks. Whether you’re on the healthier end of your wellness journey or still maneuvering the path, life happens. Some signs that could indicate your wellness is off balance are irritability, boredom, stress, poor sleep, and weight gain. Be aware of these behaviors and have a plan to get you back on track. Whether it’s meditating, practicing yoga, talking to a loved one, or taking some time for yourself to reflect, remember that ultimately, we are in control of our own life.

Foundation of wellness

As humans we have the ability to adapt. We are able to change and we’re ultimately responsible for our wellness. However, in order to stay on a path of wellness, we need consider our lifestyle and behavior choices, find the root or our motivation, and lastly, seek our true purpose. Wellness is a constant process that we must all work on, but we know that at the foundation is 90 For Life. This is the foundation of heath and where we begin to establish healthy lifestyle habits. From there, it’s all self-awareness.

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