Walktober 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Get your sneakers ready, grab a buddy, and map out your route, it’s time for our annual Walktober! This year, we want ALL our Youngevity community to come together and join this annual health movement.

Stay Healthy For All Your Fall Outings 

Power Up Your Immune System for the Season Seasonal flus and allergies are starting to make their rounds with the fall season. Many of you may have already come home to a sick child or family

Winter Savings Have Arrived!

Yes, it is just barely fall, but here at Youngevity we want you to get your holiday shopping done as early as you can. That way you can relax when the holidays arrive. And boy do

YGY Shout Out to Kara Hinton

At Youngevity we love to give recognition but also recognize the importance of hearing praise from leaders and other distributors. YGY Shout Outs provides the perfect venue for allowing anyone to recognize other distributors and leaders

Why everyone should JOIN Walktober!

Walking is for EVERYONE Every year for the month of October our Better Health Challenge community comes together for Walktober. During this month, we focus on establishing healthy movement habits that you can carry with you

Monthly Recognition Blog – August 2022

Congratulations to those who are shooting for the stars and rank advanced this past month.  Ranking up is no small task and we are so proud of the efforts you are making to grow your business

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