4 Tips for staying fit during the winter!

Posted: November 16, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

Don’t toss your fitness routine aside during cold weather

For a lot of people, it’s starting to get pretty tough to wake up for a morning workout. If you’re like me, you might hit snooze a couple of times until you can work up the courage to get out from under your warm covers. On even colder days, you might promise yourself that you’ll workout after work. But then afternoon rolls around and that promise usually goes out the door. Before you know it, spring has arrived and with it have come a few unwanted winter pounds! This year, don’t let your fitness routine run away from you because of cold weather and the holidays. Plus, staying fit will help you stay energized and help you burn fat for all those holidays parties!

Here are 4 tips for staying fit this winter:

  1. Get Some Winter Gear – Switch out your shorts for some tights or sweats and throw some gloves and a beanie on! You’ll be surprised what a difference just a few simple additions can make. And really, once you get going on your run, bike ride, or walk, your body will start to warm up and you won’t be as bothered by the cold weather.
  2. Plan Ahead – Check the weather forecast for the week and make sure you’re prepared. If certain days are warmer, plan your outdoor workouts on those days and opt for an indoor workout on others. Try grabbing some workout DVDs that you can substitute on days when the weather is too cold.
  3. Move Indoors – If you’re doing outdoor running or boot camps, try picking up a gym membership for a couple of months. Look for a gym that offers month-to-month memberships or search Groupon for some fitness sessions to get you through a couple of months.
  4. Get a Buddy – Hold yourself accountable by asking a friend to join you in making it through the winter! Send a morning text or phone call to wake each other up, even if you’re not working out together. The important thing is to get out of bed.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your workouts and making stay fit a priority this winter! Also, don’t forget to consume some high-quality protein after your workouts to help replenish your muscles! Drinking a Fitshake after a workout will not only help with muscle recovery, but can also make a great midday snack! You can learn more about the benefits of whey protein in “A Whey Better Protein Supplement for Muscle Growth.

Don’t fall into your old routine this winter! Exercise and movement are essential to prevention!


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