Salts & Seasonings

Greek Yogurt Pizza

Greek Yogurt Pizza Quick, easy, tasty and versatile! With the addition of the spice or mix of your choice you’ll have a whole new pizza. Greek Yogurt Pizza Base Ingredients: 1.5 cups self-raising flour (can use

Saveur Gold Gourmet Recipes

Saveur Gold Gourmet Pack Recipes Featuring Italian Pinzimonio Olive Oil Mix, Spicy Cajun Mix, Turkish Mix, Himalayan Salt & Pepper, Safari Rub, Montreal Steak Rub, Ceylon Curry Spice, and Gyro Spice. Shakshuka Ingredients: 1 cup fresh

Chocolate Orange Bliss Balls

Chocolate Orange Bliss Balls Featuring Cranberry Orange Balsamic Vinegar and Chili Lime Sea Salt Flakes. Ingredients: 1 tbsp chia seeds 2 cups macadamia or almond nuts 1 1/3 cups desiccated coconut 1t bsp xylitol 1 tbsp

Chicken Sausage Rolls

Chicken Sausage Rolls Featuring Poultry Seasoning Blend, Za’atar Spice, Italian Pinzimonio Olive Oil Mix, Pomegranate Fig Balsamic Vinegar, and Seasoned Salt Ingredients: 500g/1lb Ground Chicken Breast 2 tbsp Poultry Seasoning Blend (can use Za’atar or Italian

Holiday Gift Guide Recipes

Enjoy the tastes of the season with these fabulous recipes featuring the spices, vinegar, and mixes from the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Download recipe PDF SENSATIONAL SAVEUR EGGNOG Featuring WARM WINTER DRINKS Ingredients:  4 cups milk

Your New Favorite Saveur Summer Recipes!

Our culinary journey continues with a new set of Saveur spices, salts, and Dukkahs! And to help you start your voyage through the Mediterranean and beyond, we’re sharing some amazing new recipes that will help you

Tropical Seafood Salad

Tropical Seafood Salad This recipe features Saveur Mango, Apricot & Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar, Seasoned Salt, Spicy Cajun Mix or Guacamole Mix. Tropical-Seafood-Salad

Theme Night Dinners with Saveur Foods

Do you ever feel like you make the same things every week for dinner? Meal planning can be more fun with theme nights. Think Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesday, Breakfast for Dinner, and more. Once you’ve decided

Zucchini Lasagna

Zucchini Lasagna  This healthier take on lasagna uses fresh vegetables instead of noodles for a lighter dish you’ll love. This recipe uses Saveur Onion Garlic Rub, Pomodoro Basil Mix, and Seasoned Salt. Saveur Zucchini Lasagna

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