Your Business Plan

Creating a business plan is one of the first things you should do. A strong business plan encompasses two key components:

  1. Your WHAT
  2. Your WHY

Having purpose behind WHAT you want fuels your WHY with energy and determination. It’s important to note these are two different things, and both are important to add focus and drive to your plan.



Typically, a WHAT is something tangible you want from your business. Do you want to pay for your child’s college education?…Pay for your mortgage?…Pay off debt or travel? Only YOU can answer WHAT you want for your business and your life.


Your WHY

The next step is identifying WHY you want it. The WHY is the motivating emotional factor behind your WHAT. Determining your WHY is one of the most important things you’ll do because it keeps you laser focused and motivates you to stay on track when challenges arise. Your WHY can start with the word “Because…”  Examples of a WHY include: Because I’d like to gain peace of mind from financial stress; because I want to carve out a new identity as a work-at-home parent; because I want to be in control of my own career and potentially build my own legacy; or simply, because working makes me feel happy and proud.

Completing your Business Plan is a great place to start exploring this process. It will help you discover your dreams and aspirations, while guiding you in the early steps of developing an action plan.

What To Strive For In Your First 30 Days:

  • Set Goal of 150 in QV in first 14 Days
  • Set Goal of 677 in QV in first 30 Days
  • Set up your Autoship
  • Add 2-3 New Customers Each Week
  • Enroll 1 New Distributor
  • Conduct a Launch Event


We encourage you to take the time now and develop your Business Plan, exploring your WHAT and WHY.  Not only is the Youngevity Home Office here to guide you, but your enroller is a direct contact that wants to see you succeed as well.

After completing your Business Plan, make sure to share it with your enroller. We all need an extra nudge occasionally to hold us accountable, and your enroller’s commitment to sharing this life-changing opportunity with you is just the beginning.

YoungevityGo2 App

Your Business, On-The-Go!

Youngevity offers a versatile mobile app, which is a great place to start. You’ll have a wide array of corporate-approved marketing materials, videos, social assets and more—all right at your fingertips!

What’s more? You can share ALL these materials by downloading the Youngevity Mobile app.

You are 42% more likely to achieve your WHAT and WHY if you write them down.

Writing out your goals not only forces you to clarify what you want to accomplish, but it also helps motivate you to complete the necessary tasks for success.