Service Equals Sales

By now you’ve likely connected with potential Customers and possibly even received some orders. Now it’s time to set yourself apart by offering exceptional customer service. Sales and service go hand in hand. You can’t possibly grow a long-term, substantial business without balancing the two.

Sales always starts with service, which means learning about your Customers, their lifestyle, and how the products you offer might resonate with their needs.

Service is also about helping your Customers make decisions. Most of us make decisions all day long—what time to get up, what to make the kids for lunch, what bills to pay, what to make for dinner, etc. A full day of decisions can be exhausting. So, when you offer the gift of service and help your Customers make decisions, it simplifies the process for everyone.

Why Focus On Service?

  • Offers Personalized Experience
  • Creates loyal Customers
  • Builds credibility and reputation
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Generates business growth

Ask yourself: How can I better service my Customers?

What are you already doing well? Keep doing it! What do you think you can do differently? Remember, once your positive behaviors become habits, they become the backbone of your repeatable success system—and you’ll see positive outcomes in your business as a result.

Top Tips To Service Your Customers

 Remember your Customers’ names

 Keep track of purchases

 Log their wish list

 Learn about their life

 Send thank you notes

 Contact your Customers regularly

Personally inform them of specials

Learn their likes and dislikes

Make them feel like they’re a priority

Follow up when you say you will

Offer products that fit their lifestyle

Send a card on special occasions

Be organized and thorough

Be a friend

The heart of a successful direct selling business is building relationships. In fact, research from the DIrect Selling Association (DSA) shows if a Customer doesn’t hear from their direct selling Distributor within four months, they assume that individual is no longer with the company.

Word of mouth marketing is cost-effective and powerful. The referral of a satisfied customer carries more weight than that of a stranger or advertisement. So, the better you service your Customer, the more business will come your way.

Download a simple customer service system you can implement in your business today.

Enrolling your customers in autoship is statistically proven to increase your overall sales.

Below are a few statistics that highlight the benefits of creating a long-term loyal Customer base, through Autoship. This approach holds many advantages over continuously having to find new Customers.

  • The probability of selling to a repeat customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20 percent.*
  • 65% of your business will come from existing and repeat customers.*
  • It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one.*
  • It costs 16 times more to bring a new customer up to the same level as a current one.*
  • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers.*

10 Top Selling Autoship Products

As you start building new Customer relationships, it’s helpful to know Youngevity’s Autoship top-sellers. Sharing these products should increase the likelihood of your Customers get on Autoship sooner:


*Data source, CUSTOMER RETENTION STATISTICS – The Ultimate Collection for Small Business Last Updated: Aug 22, 2019