Earn What You Deserve

As a Youngevity Distributor, you control your financial potential. There are plenty of ways to earn, and how you choose to earn is up to you! Youngevity believes in YOU and your commitment to achieving the success and income you deserve.

Your passion for sharing Youngevity products will always be rewarded with multiple opportunities to earn commissions and bonuses. Youngevity identifies your advancement as “ranks” along with three main building phases. Let’s jump into each one, below.


  • Learn the Fundamentals
  • Focus on Product Knowledge
  • Plan to Promote

Everyone starts their journey as an Associate. As you launch your business during this four-title phase, you have a unique opportunity to learn and practice new habits of selling and sponsoring. You’ll naturally introduce the Youngevity business and our visionary products to those around you.

Star Executives

  • Master the Fundamentals
  • Mentor Others
  • Plan to Promote Others

As a Youngevity Star Executive (i.e. 1-Star through 5-Star), you’ll bring out the best in those around you. During this five-title phase, you’ll skillfully teach the foundational skills and habits you’ve mastered. You’ll be a  mentor to your team, and be viewed as an example of success and achievement. You’ll embrace the leadership of those who guided you and pass on that legacy of passion, commitment and achievement.


  • Teach the Fundamentals
  • Lead Your Leaders
  • Promote and Inspire Others

The essence of Youngevity is transformation. Our mission embraces the vitality, empowerment and balance that comes with experience. As a Youngevity Ambassador, you’ve  seen your life transformed. You’ve gained the vision to lead and form a passionate, dedicated team of Youngevity business owners and Customers, whose own lives have been enhanced because of your efforts and commitment.

Multiple Ways to Earn

Service and sales are the most immediate ways to start earning at Youngevity. But you can quickly expand beyond service and sales through our generous compensation plan.

Here’s an overview of the multiple ways you can earn at Youngevity.


Take some time to watch a few short videos about starting to earn in your first three months of business.  Learn how setting your sites on rising to “Senior Associate” in your first 90 days will serve you well. Watch the compensation plan walk-through videos.

For complete details, here is a link to the Youngevity Compensation Plan.

Youngevity puts your future and income in your hands. As you refine your skills and habits over the next 90 days, you’ll unlock incredible opportunities for earning the income you deserve.

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