Youngevity Rewards

Hopefully you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with the Youngevity Rewards Program.  This simple—yet valuable—program rewards you with points that allow you to earn reward credits. These reward credits can then be used towards Youngevity products you love—or new products you’d like to try. Part of this program includes earning triple reward points for all orders in your first 30-days of business as a Distributor.

Currently, you’re about halfway through your first 30-days in business, and this is your friendly reminder to take advantage of Triple Reward Points you can be accumulating right now.  

Youngevity Rewards was developed to connect, not just Distributors, but also customers to our products—on an ongoing basis—and encourage them to swap where they shop (#swapwhereyoushop) and try new products from the multitude of categories Youngevity offers products.


The shopping experience becomes social and connected with like-minded consumers who value the products and the lifestyle they represent.

Points and Rewards (Definitions & Overview)

What are points?

With Youngevity’s new Rewards program, points are a kind of currency you earn for taking certain actions like purchasing Youngevity products and engaging with the Youngevity community. Points are converted to Youngevity Rewards, which can be redeemed on, which rewards the purchaser with discounts on Youngevity products. To learn more about this program visit the Rewards page on 


What is Youngevity Rewards?

This rewards program is intended to be a fresh, yet familiar platform that turns the shopping experience from being a simple transaction to becoming something more social. (It’s fun to earn free stuff and connect with others who feel the same way!)

We believe this will give many in our community the opportunity to expand the breadth of products they love by because “the more you buy, the more you earn.” (And, more purchases means more opportunities for you (Distributors) to connect with your customers!)

So, this is a great topic to bring up when you reach new customers, or reengage old ones:

  • Rewards concept and tools is a customer-friendly (and familiar) platform
  • On-trend for access, information, buying and selling
  • Easy ordering, tracking
  • Benefits of Youngevity Rewards will be featured in all Youngevity communications and trainings
  • Active marketing for customers and distributors via digital, social, print, training for in-person and digital engagement


How will this help with my customer retention?

Youngevity Rewards strengthens existing distributors’ customer retention, sales and team growth by providing real-time benefits for purchases and engagement with the Youngevity community.

  • Rewards programs build customer retention and lifetime customer value.
  • From a repeat customer spends 67% more on a given purchase than a new customer does.
  • Offers tangible incentives (more points = more rewards = more free products) for repeatedly choosing Youngevity products (This isn’t a one-time offer, sale or coupon. The Rewards are always there.)
  • Regularly connect with customers with the latest product news, special offers, introduce and connect with Youngevity Life.
  • From a customer-loyalty program is an easy way for businesses to show their personal side and remain competitive in spaces dominated by big business.


How will this help with my recruitment of new Distributors to my downline?

Recruiting and retaining team members becomes a little easier to rationalize when there’s more in it for them to stick around.  You’ll have a powerful reason to turn active buyers, who are also active “sharers,” into new team members. And your existing team members will earn points for every purchaseincluding autoships, so with each point earned, they’re closer to a discount on their next purchase.


Youngevity carries an exclusive men’s grooming line: Simple Man

From deodorant to body balm, Simple Man offers nutrient-rich, salon-quality products that appeal to men of all ages. So if you’d like to introduce this line into your business, we have two top sellers that are a great place to start. The Tea Tree Shampoo, one of Simple Man’s most popular products, refreshes and refurbishes for strong, easily managed hair. And the Alibi Beard Balm is a top revenue-driver that creates a thicker, fuller appearance from root to tip.