Expanding Your Network

Expanding your network is like building muscle—it atrophies without constant maintenance. 

Today, we review how to overcome some common challenges to expanding your network. For example, many people think that if they get into direct selling, their friends and family will love it as much as they do, and they’ll have an instant network of loyal Customers. For most though, that’s just not the case. Because, like all worthwhile endeavors, being a Distributor takes hard work.

One of the greatest advantages of being a Youngevity Distributor is our broad range of products. From health and nutrition and essential oils, to skin care and coffee, Youngevity has something for just about every lifestyle.  But this wide spectrum of products is just the start. You still need to build a successful network of Customers, which means stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to new people about what you have to offer. Otherwise, you could fall short of reaching your business goals.

Common Challenges:

To continue succeeding, you need to promote your business outside of your direct circle of friends and family.

  • Your friends and family love you, but they don’t necessarily love or want to buy your products.
  • Your friends and family may give you enough business to get you started, but it won’t sustain or grow your efforts.

The heart of building a successful business is based on the power of storytelling, leading with value and building relationships.

This approach will help you build a network of loyal Customers and a team of successful Distributors. In short, direct selling has evolved over the last ten years, but the key principles remain the same.

What has evolved?

In the last decade, the direct selling industry has embraced the Internet, networking groups and social media, empowering Distributors to expand their networks further than ever before. Technology has made it easier to reach Customers outside local markets.


What has stayed the same?

As the saying goes, don’t fix what isn’t broken. For over a century, effective direct selling has required identifying and meeting the needs of your target market, building relationships, and using stories to sell. It still does.

So, how do you make this proven model work for you?  Start by exploring a combination of ways to expand your network.


You know people who know people, and they know even more people. And while your immediate friends may not be the right prospects, they likely know those who are.  When current contacts refer you to someone who makes a purchase, consider offering them a gift in return. This heartfelt gesture shows your appreciation and inspires loyalty.

Monthly Events

Hold a monthly Youngevity Experience event at your home, coffee shop, wine bar, or anywhere you can accommodate a group of guests.  This is an opportunity for you to regularly invite both current and new contacts. And remember to encourage them to bring new friends along to join in the fun.

Tradeshows, Streetfairs & Other Community Events

This is a great way to meet new prospects you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Find local events by searching online or asking other direct sellers if they recommend any events in your area. You can even inquire with your local chamber of commerce.

Networking Groups

Joining networking groups and meetups, based on your interests, is another proven strategy for connecting with like-minded people.  This will help you expand your network and find educational, business-building opportunities.  Our recommendation: do a local online search or use Meetup.com to find these in your area.

Facebook Groups

Depending on which Youngevity products you’re passionate about, there are many Facebook community groups you can join to share your business. Interacting with other product lovers will give you invaluable insights that strengthen your service to Customers, your network, and the Youngevity community at large. 

Just remember to regularly add to your “funnel” of contacts, so you’re always expanding your reach.  Below are some additional thought starters for meeting new people and striking up conversations.

Aesthetician’s Office


Alumni Events


Bleachers at kid’s game

Book Clubs



Bridal Shows



Car Dealerships

Chamber of Commerce

Chiropractor’s Office


Coffee Shops

Community Bulletin Board

Comedy Clubs

Community Centers


Country Clubs

Dance Studios

Day Cares

Department Stores

Dentist’s Office

Doctor’s Office

Dog Parks

Dry Cleaners

Exercise Class

Facebook Groups

Farmers Market


Flower Shops

Food Trucks


Hair Salons






Country Clubs

Grocery Stores



Metro Transits

Mom’s Groups

Motor Vehicle Division



Nail Salons


Photography Studio

PTA Meetings

Realtor’s Office





Sporting Events


Swimming Pools

Tailgate Parties

Tanning Salons

Tennis/Racquetball Courts


Yoga Studio

Young Professional Groups


Waxing Salons

Wine Bars


Work Conferences

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