Congrats On Your Second Month in Business!

When you have a clear compelling vision, it affects every choice you make. Below are some keys to developing and sticking to your distinct approach.


Evaluate your business regularly. Maintaining awareness of each action you take drives you closer to the life and business you envision.

Be Bold

You have your own bold vision. Create a business that allows you to realize what you want for yourself and your loved ones. Remember that a powerful vision can move and inspire you to reconnect with your intentions. This is what drives you forward. And speaking of intentions, this is a good time to go back to your WHAT and your WHY from Day 1 – Your Business Plan.  Ask yourself questions like, “given what I’ve accomplished up to this point, is my WHAT bold enough? Am I reaching my potential?”

  • Engages your heart and spirit
  • Expresses your deepest desires for yourself and your loved ones
  • Provides meaning to your work 
  • Evolves with the times and trends
  • Contributes to a greater quality of life, inclusive of relationships, experiences and business

Plan, Do, Review

Take time today to explore and evaluate your vision through a simple Plan, Do, Review process.  Through regular reflection you can focus on areas you excelled at in your last 30 days and where you could use improvement.  After completion, make sure to share with your enroller so he or she can do their best to support you on your path.

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