Congrats On Completing Your 90 Days to Success!

Congratulations on completing this extensive 90-Day training platform.  Your decision to embody an entrepreneurial lifestyle and the dynamic world of direct selling can truly change your life. As you evolve, it’s important to stay connected with everything your team and Youngevity have to offer.  

Let’s never stop learning and never stop growing. That’s what direct selling is all about! 

By adapting and applying several of the qualities below, you’ll know exactly what to expect and what’s needed to continue developing your dream business.

It’s time for one last Plan, Do, Review session. This one will be particularly fun and satisfying because you’ll be able to compare it to the one you filled out on Day 30 and Day 60.

This is your business and what you accomplish is 100% in your control.  Whatever your goal is, it’s time to make it happen.  It takes dedication to prosper in business— but if you work as hard for yourself as you would someone else, the rewards will be worth it.

New Customers and team members won’t just fall in your lap.   Your job is to reach out and share Youngevity product benefits and opportunities with others.

As a business builder, you’ll find yourself pulled in many directions. Find a space in your home where you can work in quiet solitude. Set office hours so you know when you’re working and when you’re not. More importantly, make sure you do something every day that takes you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Stay connected through social media, training and company events so you always know what’s going on within your business.  This will also make you feel like an integral part of our community, which will feed your engagement, keep your team updated, and help you stay focused on progress.

Opportunity is the foundation of entrepreneurship, but you have to step out of your comfort zone to capitalize.  Embrace your passion and talk about it to everyone you know and meet. Never think something is impossible or you don’t deserve success. You do. There are no limits to what you can accomplish.  What can you do today to expand yourself and show courage?

Every entrepreneur will tell you they’ve failed many times, but every one of those failures has led them one step closer to success. That’s because every misstep is filled with learning and insights. In fact, if you never fail, you’re probably not trying hard enough and you’re certainly not learning enough to reach your full potential.

Playing it safe will only limit what you can accomplish. So, remain positive and persevere. Develop the mindset that no matter what happens, you’ll pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

– Vince Lombardi

This holds true, especially when business gets tough and it seems easier to just throw in the towel. Maybe you didn’t enroll that savvy businessperson you met, or you didn’t make that sale, or you didn’t promote to a new rank, like you planned. Regardless of these outcomes, quitting isn’t an option because you’ll never reach your goals. And when you hit a point where you feel like giving up, that’s when you’re ready to turn the corner and have a breakthrough.

We’re in the business of happy and fun. This is an opportunity to wake up every day feeling excited about working for yourself. A chance to build lifelong friendships with Customers and team members. But you can’t get too serious and forget to have a good time. Because when you smile and enjoy what you do, you’ll love your job and inspire others to feel the same way. This optimism will drive you to create the life you want.

Take time today to explore and evaluate where you are with your vision through a simple Plan, Do, Review process.  Through regular reflection you can focus on areas you excelled at in your last 30-days and where you could use improvement.  After completion, make sure to share with your enroller so they can best support you as you continue to progress.

Lastly, we encourage you to set up a 90-day, one-on-one call with your enroller. This gives you a chance to evaluate your strategies, as you continue building your Youngevity business.

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