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You don’t have to do everything to have an effective social media presence. Some fear that social media will take too much time.  And others think it’s a waste, so they don’t bother with it at all. We believe there’s a happy balance where social media can build new audiences and relationships. If done properly, you can use social media as another channel to build relationships—within a schedule that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Below you’ll find some helpful tools to get you started, including tips for making a social media plan, recommendations on scheduling posts, and best of all, a downloadable Social Media Guide that provides best practices to promote yourself and your business in different platforms.

Top Tips for Social Media Planning


When communicating through social media, it’s crucial to first know what you’re trying to accomplish.  It’s also important to remember that you’re looking for trends.  For example, you might want your audience grow over time.  Or maybe you’d like to see the engagement on each post hit a certain number.  Either way, it’s a process through which you share your lifestyle or brand with a growing audience, and drive meaningful conversations.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

By methodically planning out your postings on a weekly basis, you’ll have better control over your content and schedule. Remember the calendar planning we did in our Organizing Your Business section? Try looking at your 30-day calendar while you plan out your social posts each week. Knowing where you’ll be, when you’ll be there, and who you’ll be with gives context to your posts for that week.


Easier said than done, huh? Just remember: a personal social media account is not just about your business. Your audience is connected with you because they’re interested in YOU.  If you only post about business or products, your audience will lose interest. People want to learn more about you, engage with you, hear what’s happening in your life, your mind and your heart.  So, try to avoid posting “buy my stuff” and “join my team” too often.  Reference the “Select Your Content” section of the downloadable Social Media Guide for ideas.


People want to be on a winning team.  Some of the best direct sellers generate leads by posting uplifting, enthusiastic comments about their team members’ success. That sort of energy is infectious and powerful.  People want to be part of success—they like being built up. Your audience and team are no different. We’re all human and we love being loved, respected and admired.


If someone “likes” or comments on your posts, it’s a great opportunity to connect with them on a more personal level, to continue building that relationship. Respond to them, continue the conversation, and try to build the relationship further.

Most importantly, please avoid over-posting or spamming your audience.

Good planning will help you avoid this pitfall. How many posts is too many? More than five posts a day is considered over posting or even spamming.

Planning by Platform

Think about your month. Plan for upcoming events, holidays and new product launches. Take time to create a daily/weekly/monthly schedule.  Keep in mind, your posts shouldn’t always be business related. It’s important to have some fun with your audience. They’ll connect with you because they’re interested in you, personally. And even if that’s not how they initially discovered or connected with you, eventually it will be how the relationship flourishes.

Below are a few different social media platforms to consider, including planning schedules and weekly posting ideas:






Motivational Monday – Share a motivational or inspirational message.

Tuesday Tips  – Post a helpful tip for the week referring to your products/lifestyle.

Work It Wednesday –  Highlight your top business tip for the day or something new you challenged yourself with.

Thoughtful Thursday – Ask engaging questions to get people thinking and make sure to respond to those who engage.

Friday Fun – You can post just about anything fun here.

Saturday Shout-Out – Post about others, which could include a team member, customer, family or friends.

Selfie Sunday – Share selfies with your products, with friends/family, or doing something inspirational like going on a hike or appreciating a sunset.

For the full set of details, tips and ideas, download the full Social Media Guide below.

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