Building Your Network

As you prepare to launch your Youngevity business, it’s time to start connecting with all of your social contacts. The first step is knowing what you have to offer and then categorizing your network into one of four groups:

Got tools?

Start here: Use your new Building Your Network brainstorming list to determine which category each person fits into. You may also find that some people fit into a few different categories. And go through your Social Media accounts as well, which will help you add even more to your network list.

Great! What’s next?

Once you complete your list, you can expand it by identifying people that might be interested in a product category you offer. Here at Youngevity, we’ve cultivated a lifestyle brand like no other company in this space, strategically designed to help you diversify your customer portfolio within our modern marketplace.

In the next training series, you’ll be introduced to all the product categories Youngevity has to offer, which will equip you with the knowledge to offer our brands with confidence.

For now, just take the time to start Building Your Network list. When you feel well-versed in the products and brands, start introducing your network into key product categories that align with their interests.

It’s important to also continue growing your network so you always have new leads to work with.

Want some tips?  Here you go!…

Top Tips for Building Your Network

  • Don’t prejudge
  • Pull contacts from your phone, email & social media
  • Start categorizing by group first
  • Make several passes through
  • Expand into product categories

Start building your network list now!

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