Announcing Your Business

Many new Distributors think they should start by mass messaging people or posting about their products all over social media. You know what we’re talking about, right?  “Buy My Stuff! – Join My Team!”…  <– Do NOT do this 🙂

The Internet is a means of communication, but communication is still between people. In fact, you’re in the business of people. As you begin to announce and promote your new business and what Youngevity has to offer, it’s imperative to focus on building relationships.  When you learn more about someone, you’ll discover more about their lifestyle needs—this will help you find products that fit those needs.

This can be done through a combination of avenues.  Let’s review the options:


We always suggest starting with the products that drew you to Youngevity (pick your passion). But do this with the understanding that the wide array of products you offer go way beyond that. Let’s take a moment and think about who’s in your circle of influence. Have you completed your Building Your Network list yet? This is a great place to start exploring who you can ultimately share your products with through a simple discovery session.

Your goal is not to sell them something initially—it’s to invite them to discover what they’re passionate about and what products you can recommend that resonate with that passion.

Take the time to ask yourself the following questions before reaching out:

Once you answer these questions, reach out and make a personal connection by phone, text, email, messenger, etc.  Remember that you aren’t trying to sell them anything just yet. Instead, the primary goal of your dialogue is to ask key questions about their lifestyle, preferences and passions to help determine the right product recommendations to make in the future.

Social Media

The Internet has given us new abilities to connect, while empowering us to leverage technology that builds businesses better, faster and easier than ever before. But people still crave personal connections.

Representing yourself and your business in a professional light will always serve you well, and much of that starts with your public persona on social media. Before you consider making a social post or doing a live video, ask yourself these three questions:

Direct selling is a relationship business. You won’t get people to join or buy from you until you’ve had a conversation and built a relationship—you can do this gradually which leads to greater long-term rewards for your time and efforts.

Most importantly, when announcing your business on social media keep your posts or videos captivating. Arouse their curiosity with engaging content and pictures that ultimately open the door to further conversations.

Some Examples

Here are a few sample images in your YoungevityGo2 app, which you can use to announce your business through social media.

Once you build some engagement on your posts, continue the relationship building on a personalized level. Start with a private chat, followed by a text or email, and focus the conversation on what  you’ve learned about these new prospects.

Launch Event

Imagine being in a room of 10 to 20 people—all focused on learning more about you, your story and your experiences—as they sample Youngevity products. Through product sampling, holding an in-person event will deeply connect you to your local community, enabling people you know to experience your marketplace first-hand.

This event can take place in your home, restaurant, coffee shop or any convenient place for a group setting. Since only about a third of invitees will attend, it’s always a good rule of thumb to over-invite. When deciding who to invite, your Building Your Network list is a great place to start.

LIVE Unboxing

Once your Youngevity products arrive, a LIVE unboxing video is one of the best ways to showcase your offerings. Share the anticipation with your audience, as you pull new products from their boxes and explain what makes them so compelling.  Not only will you receive some great interaction, but your viewers will see and hear from you up close and in person, no matter where they live. Best of all, if they can’t attend the LIVE unboxing, they can view it later and still learn everything about  your new business.

Knowing your objective is critical as you get ready to announce your business. It is a process of communicating a message about your lifestyle or brand that will start conversations. Using a combination of all of the above will ultimately set you up to hit the ground running out of the gate.

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